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RedViking brings advanced engineering and proven implementation expertise to your next dynamic component test stand. We’ve designed entire fleets of multi-model and single-model test systems for new component development and production as well as military and commercial MROs. We have decades of experience building and implementing turnkey dynamic component test systems, and we’ll work with your teams virtually anywhere in the world. 

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Multi-Model or Single-Function Facilities

While we have standard parts and processes, each of our helicopter test stands are unique. You tell us what you want to test, and we’ll build a leading industry system to do it as effectively and efficiently as possible. We specialize in designing multi-model systems that help our customers to maximize capital resources and minimize facility requirements. Requirement development and process engineering are additional services we can offer as part of your project development or redesign.

Main Gearbox (MGB) Test Stands 

We believe that your investment should last, so we’ve designed our flexible test modules to accommodate your future helicopter MGB test requirements. Whether it’s initially designed to test one type of main gearbox or ten, our stands can be modified to test a new MGB without requiring a completely new test system. 

 A RedViking engineer ini the middle of Multi-Model or Single-Function Facilities

 A RedViking staff standing in front of well engineered and designed machine

IGB/TGB Test Benches

Our custom designs provide turn-key solutions at a competitive price. Our modular designs ensure that your new test stand will incorporate future intermediate and tail gearboxes. All RedViking helicopter test stands are well engineered and designed to be easily maintained for decades of operation.

Electrical or Mechanical Energy Regeneration

RedViking is committed to sustainable manufacturing and testing, and we’ll build the mechanical or electrical energy regeneration system that fits your testing and facility requirements. Both options significantly reduce operational cost and are durable, robust, and will support your commitment to the environment. Using energy regeneration, our electrical and mechanical test systems can offer up to 90% energy savings over traditional dynamometer testing. 

Vsync™ Integrated Test Executive & Controls Platform

Vsync™ is a fourth-generation software and controls platform for dynamic component testing. Its flexible architecture allows RedViking to include the specific functional modules required to tailor the operator experience to fit your testing needs.

Designed and Built in the U.S. with Global Support

We’re proud to advance the art of engineering in the U.S. while also offering support and service virtually anywhere in the world. We’ll customize your support plan based on your goals and the resources available in your MRO’s, production or R&D facility.

 Machine design by RedViking for businesses

RedViking engineer working on Dynamic Component Test Systems

The RedViking Advantage

RedViking: Advanced Engineering for Dynamic Component Test Stands - image-listIn-house Gearbox Design and Build
RedViking: Advanced Engineering for Dynamic Component Test Stands - image-listElectrical or Mechanical Energy Regeneration
RedViking: Advanced Engineering for Dynamic Component Test Stands - image-listVsync™ Test Executive and Controls System
RedViking: Advanced Engineering for Dynamic Component Test Stands - image-listProduction Process Engineering
RedViking: Advanced Engineering for Dynamic Component Test Stands - image-listMade in the USA with Global Support

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