Engineered Drivetrain Test Stands: Production & R&D Testing

Customers in automotive and off-highway vehicle production and R&D environments trust us to design and build precise, reliable, and repeatable drivetrain component test stands. All of our systems are designed to provide the highest level of dynamic testing capability at a competitive price. For decades, RedViking has designed, built, and implemented highly engineered test systems for drivetrain systems and components.

This end of line NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness) qualification test machine loads and engages two-part types. It begins with automatic tool clamping and engagement. The motor is then precisely aligned, and the test machine scans read and sequences the part. Finally, a test sequence details an automatic vibration pass / fail report to the operator including ghost noise analysis. Additionally, we’re storing data for all tested units, so identifying a new issue by using all the historical data is much easier.

We've engineered stands for components such as:

The RedViking Advantage


Configurable Fixtures, Automation, and Gearboxes

Future drivetrain products are simpler to incorporate because of the flexibility of our testing equipment and software. We design and build easily configurable fixtures, automation, and gearboxes so that a model change doesn’t have to mean an entirely new system. One of the cornerstones of RedViking design is to ensure flexibility for the future without adding anything you don’t need today.

Highly Engineered Dynamometers

We don’t build off-the-shelf drivetrain dynos. When customers require extreme performance solutions, we can provide high speed, high torque, sophisticated controls, data analysis, real-time vibration (NVH) analysis, and real-time failure analysis.


Powered by Vsync™

Vsync™ is the modular test executive and controls platform sensitive and capable enough to detect the initial stages of component failure. The Vsync™ interface is so user-friendly that once your operators have been trained on one of the drivetrain test systems, it will be easy for them to move over to any other.

Continuous Operation

Because our roots are in the 24/7 world of automotive manufacturing, we’ve designed and built for continuous operation and self-monitoring from the start. Whether you need a moderate speed and torque testing system at the end of your production line or an extremely high speed-high torque system for a lab environment, you can be confident that your RedViking powertrain test bench will operate safely unattended.

Beaver Component Test Stand (7)

Designed and Built in the U.S.A. with Global Support

Our test stands are installed worldwide, and we support them wherever they’re located. RedViking is currently supporting systems in the U.S., China, Western Europe, and the Middle East. To minimize your expense, our systems are designed for simple maintenance and remote support. But if it’s necessary, we’ll be on a plane to your location as quickly as possible.

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