Customers Turn to RedViking for Specialty Machines

RedViking can design and build custom capital equipment for your unique testing, production, or overhaul needs. Many of our custom specialty machines begin with the identification of a problem. We can design and build automated systems to improve your existing process, reduce resource requirements, and increase efficiency.

We have created custom machines for aerospace, automotive, heavy industrial vehicles, military, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) customers.

The RedViking Advantage


Production Process Engineering

When you are faced with a production challenge, we often recommend starting with a production process analysis or engineering study. RedViking’s production process engineering team will examine your existing production process to locate the source(s) of delays, quality problems, and inefficiencies. Then, the team will listen to your objectives and desired outcome for a solution. Finally, the team will provide you with recommendations for a custom solution. Because we take the time to thoroughly evaluate and get to know your process, we can tailor a robust solution to your specific needs. This capability is what truly transforms your production process.

Diverse Knowledge Base

As a comprehensive solution provider, we have a diverse team of professionals with decades of experience. From our multidisciplinary design and engineering teams to our expert machine builders, we have a wide knowledge base and skill in-house. We will work with you to design a system that fits your functional, budget and timing requirements.

Bearing Cell Assembly (2)
Transfer Case Test and Assembly

Reduce the Risk of Complex Projects

RedViking solves difficult challenges with sophisticated solutions. We reduce the risk of complex projects with our iterative process. Through thorough analysis and testing, we can validate how your RedViking custom machine meets your objectives. This process also enables us to meet your tight deadlines and budgetary requirements, as well as focus on growth for the future.

Project Management and Global Support

RedViking’s decades-long customer relationships are a testament to the excellent support we provide during and after a project. We pride ourselves on our single point of contact model of project management. You will have a RedViking Project Manager as your single point of contact to streamline your involvement and answer your questions every step of the way.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations for your custom machine. After your custom machine project is complete, our Field Service Department can help design a long-term maintenance and support structure that will work for your team.


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