Error Proofing and Inspection Systems

Global Partnership with large auto OEM

One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers wanted better insight into their manufacturing process, and the ability to track quality beyond the plant to create a “life history” for the vehicle. Their ultimate goal was to improve vehicle quality through better data. RedViking provided a fully integrated manufacturing execution system (MES).

Key Points:

  • Significantly Reduced Warranty Costs
  • Verification of Parts, Tools, and Processes
  • Automated and Measured Torques
  • Provides Data for Root Cause Analysis
  • Constant Positional Awareness
  • Higher Product Quality

Tracking Technology for Positional Awareness of Every Product

We implemented tracking technology to create awareness of vehicle position throughout the entire production process. Where conveyance is involved, software and controls were used. Where there is no conveyance, a robust method of vehicle identification was presented, such as bar code, RFID, or 2D pin stamp marking.

User-Friendly Operator Interface Provides Real-time Visual Information

Once positional awareness was in place, the next challenge was to interface with the customer’s existing scheduling system so that we could generate data about every vehicle’s parts and processes, from the engine to keys. Once completed, we designed a user-friendly interface at each station so that the operator could easily understand the requirements for each specific vehicle.

Error Proofing Verifies Torques, Part Placement, and More

With positional data fully integrated and available at each station, new configurable software was put in place to make sure that:

  • Precisely Measured Torque is Applied Before Advancing From Station
  • The Correct Parts Are Selected Through Bar Code Scanner or Vision ID, Then Installed in the Correct Sequence and Location
  • Correct Vehicle Badging is Verified by Vision Inspection
  • All Serialized Components (i.e. Airbags, Tires, Key Sets) Are Identified and Traceable Throughout the Life of the Vehicle

Last, a user-friendly interface was created for the existing gatekeeper system that had previously been used only for manual inspections. Before automated error proofing, inspection operators would visually inspect the vehicle and then touch a button to indicate pass/fail. The inspection operator’s experience didn’t change – the pass/fail button is still in place, and the operator still visually provides the final inspection. The difference is that now, all of the error-proofing data is incorporated into their final inspection.

Room to Grow

Today, we continue in global partnership and have expanded beyond error-proofing and traceability into automated work instructions, part kitting and sequencing, and OEE/FIS.



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