Redefining Excellence in Critical Dynamic Testing Systems

Our collaboration with global industry leaders has propelled us to create trailblazing solutions, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in critical applications. As pioneers in designing and building dynamic components and drivetrain test equipment, we take a consultative approach and collaborate closely with your engineering teams to understand every nuance of your project.

Dynamic Component Test Systems

Our skilled team has a proven track record in designing, building, and integrating highly complex dynamic component test stands. From designing fleets of multi- and single-model test systems to supporting military and commercial MROs, our unparalleled expertise sets a new standard in precision and innovation.

Drivetrain Component Test Stands

RedViking is the trusted choice for automotive and off-highway vehicle manufacturers in need of precise, reliable, and repeatable drivetrain component test stands. Our systems deliver top-tier dynamic testing capabilities, ensuring superior performance and longevity. From gears, bearings, and clutches to transmissions and transfer cases,  our U.S.-crafted stands support your R&D with impeccable quality.

Blade Balance Stands

In helicopter blade testing, our dynamic blade balance stands offer advanced whirl tower designs for superior testing, tracking, and monitoring. Paired with Vsync™ technology, these stands improve aircraft performance through precise balance and cutting-edge data analysis.

Custom Gearboxes

Trusted by customers like NASA and the U.S. DOD, our custom gearboxes guarantee precision and reliability in high-power applications. Rigorously designed for high performance, they feature customer-specific solutions, accessible maintenance, and health monitoring instrumentation.

Vsync™ Controls Platform

Vsync™, our purpose-built powertrain dynamic testing software, revolutionizes aerospace, automotive, and off-highway test labs. Integrating with your lab or test stand, Vsync™ eliminates standalone systems, ensuring indisputable test data with superior repeatability and traceability.

End-to-End Solutions for Your Toughest Challenges

We stand apart by offering design, build, and integration under one roof. As a mobility-focused provider and integrator, our holistic approach ensures seamless manufacturing excellence from inception to realization.



Whether you need process improvement or an entirely new line, our skilled team of engineers thoroughly audits and assesses your situation, then designs custom solutions to achieve your production goals.



From concept to reality, our team transforms designs into robust, efficient systems and machinery – be it AGVs, custom automation, test systems, or an MES – testing and improving quality at every step.



Ensuring continuity from design and build, we implement our solutions into your facility for seamless operations, enhanced efficiency, and ensured equipment compatibility.


Service & Support

Our commitment extends beyond implementation. Our team stands by our solutions with unparalleled service and support. Count on us for excellence throughout the lifecycle of your system.

Dynamic Testing Systems Case Studies

Automate to Accelerate

Empower your production with our visionary automation solutions. Secure your place in the automated future – contact us to discuss your custom solution.

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