Patented Technology Reduces 20 Test Stands to 5

Patented Technology Reduces 20 Test Stands to 5

As the Department of Defense (DOD) budgets continue to be reduced, maintaining the existing fleet of military helicopters becomes more and more critical. One of the largest DOD maintenance and repair operations centers in the world had powertrain test stands that required too much time to run a single test, used too much energy, and weren’t meeting expectations for accurate, repeatable test data. RedViking analyzed their process and designed a completely new testing methodology, as well as designing and building a set of 5 flexible, energy-efficient powertrain test stands that did all the work of 20 test stands. The turnkey project is revolutionizing the DOD’s helicopter testing process.

Key Benefits:

  • Sustainable: Ultra-Efficient Electrical Power Regeneration
  • Low Risk: Proven, Established Technologies, and Designs
  • Fast Response: Maintenance and Support Provided Locally
  • Cost-Effective: Standardized Components, Spare Parts, and Operator Interfaces
  • Optimized: Integrated Process, Systems, and Controls
  • Flexible: Single Testing Systems Accommodate Multiple Transmissions and Gearboxes
  • Efficient: Increased Throughput with Reduced Floor Space Requirements
  • Reliable: High MTBF, Less Downtime During PM and Repair
  • Safe: Operator Safety Through Better Testing Environments
  • Ergonomic: Improved Operator Test Prep, Load and Unload Interactions

Improved Safety, Better Data, Lower Energy Costs

The RedViking Flexible Transmission Testing System streamlines the process, captures better data, provides an ergonomic operator environment, and delivers fully integrated test management. Electrical regeneration recaptures up to 80% of the stand’s power to return to the grid or use in powering tests. 5 Flexible Powertrain Test Stands replaced the 20 stands that tested dynamic components from 3 different helicopter OEMs. The operator has an integrated, user-friendly testing interface that is consistent with every test stand. Data is accurate and repeatable.

The RedViking solution benefits the taxpayer, the test operators, and, most importantly, U.S. troops who rely on the safety of their helicopters.



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