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Argonaut’s unique Applet Runtime engine provides distributed systems to connect equipment, operators and management to a common solution enabling operational excellence at any scale. With the Argonaut digital manufacturing platform, manufacturers can connect to any equipment, quickly design and iterate on new solutions, and rapidly scale solutions to the enterprise. Solutions include:

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Connect, Monitor, and Optimize Your Manufacturing Data

Unlock the true power of your manufacturing data with Argonaut, our revolutionary digital manufacturing platform. Seamlessly integrating decades of MES expertise, Argonaut offers modular scalability, remote monitoring, effortless configurability, and actionable metrics to propel your business forward.

Modular & Scalable

Ensure future-proof scalability. Argonaut’s modular architecture adapts effortlessly, allowing updates or deployments without custom scripting. Tailor your app to a new location without additional hardware, ensuring a seamless and scalable manufacturing journey.

Remote Monitoring

Argonaut’s remote monitoring feature provides in-depth visibility into your manufacturing processes. Access critical data and reports from anywhere, fostering proactive decision-making. Monitor components, products, and assembly without setting foot on the factory floor, unlocking valuable insights for efficient operations.

Easily Configurable

Future-proof your manufacturing. Argonaut grows with your company, providing configurability for various operations. Our flexible digital manufacturing platform enables you to update or deploy apps without custom scripting, ensuring adaptability and eliminating the need for additional hardware or networks.

Actionable Metrics

The Argonaut digital manufacturing platform delivers key metrics, offering real-time insights into product and component quality, assembly processes, and overall factory activity. Informed decision-making directly translates to improved profitability and ROI.

Argonaut Platform Features

Argonaut’s IIOT Industry 4.0 infrastructure provides the following core features out of the box, which are used to build amazing experiences for technicians, operators, supervisors and managers alike.

Applet Runners and Runtimes

Applet Runners allow user-defined applications (Applet Runtimes) to be run in the cloud or at the edge. Applet Runtimes maintain a consistent state and connection to defined equipment allowing always-on headless operation. Operator views and interaction are web based and accessible from standard web browsers or mobile devices.

Applets integrate with MQTT and are Sparkplug-B compatible.


Schedule Definition and Broadcast

Argonaut’s Schedule allows for calendar-based planning of working shifts and planned breaks. User-defined information may be added to events, and all data is published via MQTT, allowing for real-time IIoT integration and alignment across a site or enterprise.

Material Definition and Tracking

Argonaut’s Material model allows for users to define classes and models of materials produced or used in the production process. Serialized instances of materials provide traceability reports with a full history of how a material was produced.

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Part Traceability

Process Definition and Tracking

Argonaut processes represent work done and decisions made to complete manufacturing of a material or lot. Processes include:

  • Requirement definition of what data is needed to run a process (specification parameters) and what data needs to be collected for a process (data elements).
  • Specifications inform a process of the required parameter data. Argonaut includes a built-in, flexible decision-making engine to select specification based upon operational conditions, material attributes, work order details, and more.

Validation rules to ensure that quality is maintained while robust material and process reporting provides a full who, what, where, when and why data record for each step.

Equipment Monitoring and Reporting

The Argonaut digital manufacturing platform includes several standard reports conforming to typical industry standards. Data is collected from our distributed IIoT-based collectors, which may be integrated with any plant floor equipment.

Standard filters allow for analysis to be completed based upon schedule, location and specific time ranges.

  • Constraint Analysis Report – Used to compare time in state data between equipment on a plant floor to analyze where to focus improvement efforts.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) – Industry standard report combining availability, quality and efficiency to measure production effectiveness.
  • Top-N Fault Pareto – Used to quickly prioritize efforts to improve process and equipment issues.
  • Mean Time Between Failure and to Repair (MTBF and MTTR) – Analyze the frequency and duration of fault over time and across various equipment.
  • State Report – User definable states are displayed in pie-chart or timeline views to quickly gain insight into performance and trends.

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