RedViking Expands Industry 4.0 Solutions for Manufacturing with Microsoft


RedViking’s Argonaut platform now runs on Microsoft Azure private MEC with secure 5G communications to automate real-time decision-making tasks necessary for modern manufacturing plant floor operations

Plymouth, MI., Feb. 27, 2023 – RedViking’s manufacturing customers are faced with demands to increase up-time, empower operators, and improve quality; meeting this challenge requires accelerated access to innovative and robust solutions. RedViking’s custom and standard automatic guided vehicles (AGV) enable manufacturers to rapidly deploy flexible systems for material movement and conveyance, while their proven Argonaut Industry 4.0 application provides automated real-time decision-making capability for use cases including predictive maintenance, traceability, and operator work instruction/error-proofing.  These offerings are now enhanced with private 5G networking capabilities and access to innovative edge compute and service capabilities available through Azure private multi-edge access compute (MEC).

Microsoft Azure private MEC enables edge-based compute with cloud-managed applications to solve intricate networking and response time constraints. Leveraging Azure private MEC along with Azure private 5G core enables true on-site cellular networks for machine-to-machine communications.

These solutions can be rolled out more quickly while providing greater security and stability when compared with legacy implementations. 

For example, RedViking has developed a solution using Microsoft Azure private MEC to solve a large heavy truck manufacturer’s problem with existing plant floor communications.  This customer has standardized automated assembly systems throughout its enterprise and has dramatically expanded its use of wireless communications for plant floor devices, including RedViking AGVs. This year alone, nearly 200 additional AGVs were added to their existing fleet, straining demand on existing Wi-Fi networks and bandwidth. To avoid the risk and downtime associated with costly communication drop-outs, with the availability of this new solution they plan to implement private 5G for their future crucial wireless communications.

“Manufacturers are rapidly expanding utilization of wireless connectivity on the plant floor and offering Argonaut on Microsoft Azure private MEC allows for secure cloud-managed, low latency, and reliable solutions. Our customers benefit from reduced downtime and increased productivity while enabling transformative applications such as edge-based real-time adaptive machine learning.” Greg Giles, VP of Product Development at RedViking.

“Private 5G networks integrated with edge services provide the foundation for manufacturers looking to connect smart devices and use telemetry data to support real-time decisions and improve operational efficiencies,” said Shriraj Gaglani, Vice President Product Development, Microsoft. “Manufacturers can now build agile, smart factories using Microsoft Azure private MEC and RedViking complete with secure, reliable, high-speed connectivity for plant floor communications enabling them to  boost their production efficiency, resilience, and sustainability.”

Argonaut Industry 4.0 is now available in the Azure Marketplace; Contact us to request your trial and learn more today. 

About RedViking: RedViking is a manufacturing solutions company with a 40-year history of providing turnkey System Integration services, Testing & Assembly Systems, and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). As a Tier 1 supplier to Fortune 500 companies, our equipment and systems are deployed around the globe.

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