MES on Your Terms

Supporting our customers across the globe, RedViking has implemented MES and similar systems for over 30 years. Our roots tie back to the early 80s and the creation of the first PLCs. Since then, for every fieldbus, communication strategy, and IO technology, RedViking has implemented solutions that help our customers win with lower costs, improved quality, and increased throughput.

Our engineering team’s talent includes a unique cross-section of automation, industrial, and computer science engineering professionals who build bridges between databases and APIs and the factory floor. Bridges that connect data and decision-makers, making information actionable while providing tracking and traceability systems to ensure quality and the critical information to drive improvement tomorrow.

Connect All the Things

With a diverse history of real-world MES integration, RedViking has connected the critical components required to drive integration of information and automation. Systems including:  

ERP and MRP Systems

SAP, Epicor, Countless customer-specific integrations to pull Work Order and push backflush data upon material movements

Scheduling and Broadcast Systems

In the Automotive industry, JIT philosophy means that it’s critical to know what to build when and where.

PLCs and Automation

RedViking’s Automation engineers work to define and roll out Automation integration to connect to brownfield site data.

In greenfield opportunities, we work directly with equipment OEMs to drive data maps for large-scale solutions, often acting on our customer’s behalf to validate prior to installation.

CNC and Tooling Preset Systems

RedViking ensures appropriate files are used from eDNC, and collects information critical to quality and operations.

Collection of data from tool presetting solutions automates offsets and data entry that may cause costly errors.

Vision Inspection and Validation Solutions

RedViking integrates and connects with various vision solutions to validate assembly processes.

Automated and Manual Barcode Scanning

Whether for tracking material movements, validation of component selection, or driving traceability, barcode scanning is the most popular method of collecting data today.

RFID Identification and Component Tracking

UHF and other RFID technologies may be used to track and validate material movements, or even component selection.

Combining RFID with conventional conveyance solutions in manufacturing allows for a tight integration of production and data controls.

Monitor and Control of DC Electric Torque Tools

DC Electric Torque Tools provide unique lock-out controls and advanced programming to ensure torque curves and settings are appropriate for the job to be completed.

RedViking Connects, controls, and collects data from tooling to ensure quality and provide a complete record for material birth certificate tracking.

Monitor and Error-Proofing of Manually Operated Torque Tools

Transducer-based tooling offers flexibility in the process and lower costs for certain operations.

RedViking ties work instructions to the operator, collecting and validating torque data for every step of the process.

Pick-to-Light Solutions

Line Side Pick to Light Solutions enables operators to quickly decide and verify the appropriate parts to consume in assembly.

Wireless Systems including 900MHz and BLE

Wireless Sensors and Systems enable communication where previously impossible, or offer significantly reduced installation time and cost.

Automate to Accelerate

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