Seamless Integrations and IIoT Expertise for Manufacturing Excellence

Whether deploying our equipment or integrating others, our 40+ years of global manufacturing experience ensures everything in your plant functions together seamlessly. We specialize in manufacturing automation equipment and IIoT integrations, transforming your factory into a smart and efficient powerhouse.

Integration Services


Manufacturing Automation Integration

Our expertise in manufacturing automation integration ensures the smooth installation of equipment into your facility. Our extensive knowledge coupled with a focus on detail guarantees that every component fits seamlessly into your existing layout, working harmoniously with other equipment and systems. We excel at turning your manufacturing environment into a well-coordinated, efficient, and interconnected hub.

IIoT Integrations

Our expert systems integrators bring four decades of experience in designing and implementing MES systems globally. We are skilled at IIoT integration, connecting sensors and actuators to hardware and software, to transform your factory into a smart, connected environment. Whether deploying COTS systems, homegrown solutions, or custom frameworks like our Argonaut® platform, we have the knowledge base to elevate your IIoT strategy to the next level.

Precision in System Unification

In manufacturing for Industry 4.0, achieving harmony among disparate systems is crucial. Our vast experience allows us to seamlessly integrate mobility solutions, information systems, and all plant equipment, ensuring your operations function as a cohesive, efficient unit.


Collaborative Process Evaluation

Our integration team collaborates closely with yours to comprehensively evaluate your current production challenges. Studying the logistics and flow of your existing process, we understand the constraints and requirements of your product and facility. This collaborative approach enables us to design solutions that prioritize your production goals.


Single Point of Contact

Throughout the integration phase, your dedicated RedViking program manager serves as the single point of contact, ensuring a transparent and efficient process. Frequent updates and straightforward communication guarantee that you’re always informed. Whether it’s manufacturing automation or IIoT integration, your program manager streamlines the process for a seamless experience.


Custom Solutions

By conducting a thorough analysis of your process, product, and facility, our team can customize solutions that precisely meet your core goals. Our tailored approach eliminates guesswork, leading to cost savings and efficient implementation. We prioritize delivering solutions that align with your unique requirements.


Experienced Integration Team

With over 40 years of hands-on experience, our integration team understands the practical impact of proposed production processes. Our recommendations are rooted in a deep understanding of integration complexities, ensuring a smooth transition from study to implementation.


In-House Controls Design and Engineering

RedViking has in-house controls design, engineering, and build capabilities, providing quick design, procurement, and construction of standardized elements. From operator stations to power distribution and control systems, our design and build shop delivers standardized or custom hardware for seamless integration.

Automate to Accelerate

Empower your production with our visionary automation solutions. Secure your place in the automated future – contact us to discuss your custom solution.

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