Custom Engineering Studies For Manufacturers

If your manufacturing processes face challenges or inefficiencies, RedViking’s comprehensive engineering studies will pinpoint specific issues, then identify practical solutions. Many of our solutions kick off with an engineering study, or you can engage our team to conduct an independent study. Our engineering team delves into your operations, offering customized strategies to elevate efficiency and productivity.

Why Conduct an Engineering Study?

Manufacturers turn to us for engineering studies to analyze and evaluate current processes, systems, and challenges. The study involves a detailed examination of various factors, such as logistics, flow, and production variables, to understand the constraints and requirements of your product and facility.

You receive insightful data and recommendations that can inform the design and implementation of tailored manufacturing and automation solutions. The engineering study acts as a foundation for identifying opportunities for improvement, enhancing efficiency, and addressing specific production goals.

Engineering studies can help in several areas, including:

Process Optimization

When you aim to optimize your production process for increased efficiency, reduced costs, or enhanced product quality, an engineering study identifies areas for improvement.

System Integration

Before integrating new manufacturing automation systems or equipment into an existing facility, an engineering study helps evaluate compatibility, space requirements, and potential adjustments needed for seamless integration.

Capacity Expansion

If you’re looking to expand production capacity, an engineering study is beneficial to assess the feasibility of scaling up your current processes, identifying potential bottlenecks, and proposing solutions.

Quality Improvement

When looking to improve product quality or meet specific industry standards, an engineering study pinpoints areas in the production line where adjustments or upgrades are needed.

Cost Reduction

If manufacturing costs are running high, an in-depth engineering study will identify inefficiencies, waste, or areas where automation can lead to cost savings.

Technology Adoption

Before adopting new technologies, such as an AGV, AMR, or IIoT solutions, an engineering study can reveal how these technologies can be integrated effectively into your existing operations.

Regulatory Compliance​

In industries with strict regulatory requirements, an engineering study helps ensure that manufacturing processes align with regulations, reducing the risk of compliance issues and costly fines.

Automate to Accelerate

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