Vsync™ with Vibration Analysis

Powertrain Testing Vibration Analysis

One of the world’s largest automakers was losing weeks of powertrain testing vibration analysis data upon gear failure. Like many automakers, this manufacturer was using stand-alone vibration analysis hardware and software tools for each of their powertrain test stands. Their data acquisition and analysis tools were outdated, expensive, and insufficient. In particular, the inability to predict gear failure was a constant source of frustration, since it meant potentially catastrophic machine damage and loss of accumulated data. They needed better failure prediction and vibration analysis tools. By the time an individual gear fracture was identified by an over-limit vibration condition, it was too late to prevent the gear from failing. They needed the ability to identify vibration signals for specific gear frequencies. Vsync™, the integrated dynamic testing software platform, with the Vibration Analysis module, was the solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced integrated prognostics and diagnostics
  • User-defined channel and profile configuration
  • FFT and Order spectrum capability
  • Plots real-time acceleration, displacement, and velocity data
  • High-speed data logging for post vibration analysis

Greater Precision, Lower Costs, and Excellent Prognostics

Vsync™ is a fully integrated test executive application with a suite of plug-in modules and editing tools. For this customer, the answer was Vsync™ with a Vibration Analysis module. Vsync™ provides full system visibility to the schematic level, as well as extremely precise component health monitoring. With Vsync™ in place, the automaker can eliminate non-critical frequencies, such as the base or bearings vibrations, and focus on specific test frequencies of interest. Then when a vibration over-limit condition is detected, the system can shut down to avoid test fixture failures and prevent loss of accumulated test data or results.

Precisely Set Limits to Identify Flaws before Failure

We did some fine-tuning to customize their Vsync™ Vibration Analysis Module. Limits were set so that they didn’t hit too early. We worked with the customer to make sure the limit was hit high enough to provide enough data to clearly identify the flaw, but not so high that the test specimen results were at risk of being lost. For similar test systems, we’ve created vibration signatures for every facility gearbox bearing cap when the stand is undergoing initial commissioning. The data will be used for long term maintenance planning and trend analysis. If an abnormal vibration is detected, technicians can quickly identify and isolate the specific source of the problem. The bottom line is that they’ve significantly improved test article analysis at a reduced cost.

Our Work that Feature VSync™:

  • Transfer Case Test and Assembly Cell
  • Helicopter Dynamic Component Test Stands
  • Flexible Transmission Test System
  • End of Line NVH Qualification Test Machine


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