RedViking AGV Center of Excellence Facility to integrate Microsoft Azure for Industry 4.0 Automation Testing


RedViking’s new Automated Guided Vehicle Center of Excellence Facility is fully outfitted with secure private cellular technology by Microsoft, this technology ensures constant connectivity while exponentially increasing security and overall device reliability by leveraging LTE and 5G technologies.

Plymouth, MI., April 14, 2023 – RedViking announced today that its new AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Center of Excellence facility will integrate Microsoft Azure Stack Edge Hardware and Azure Private 5G Core. This launch represents the first step in the establishment of their new facility and will provide customers with live product demonstrations and serve as a showcase for new technology. The integration will enable the testing, demonstration, and validation of locally hosted private cellular networks to solve security and latency networking challenges facing their customers as they embrace Industry 4.0.

The AGV Center of Excellence will be an innovative facility dedicated to developing and testing AGVs for autonomous manufacturing assemblies featuring Argonaut software applications.  The center will focus on providing solutions for mobility, information, and connectivity, highlighting the latest developments in the field of automation and autonomous systems. The facility will be fully integrated with Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core technology and will showcase product demonstrations and prove-out for various manufacturing industries. 

The integration between RedViking and Microsoft represents a significant step towards achieving greater efficiency and productivity in manufacturing operations, while also promoting the use of cutting-edge technologies to create a more securely connected and intelligent future.

Secure and reliable networks are a necessary component for automated assemblies, especially for RedViking’s partners in the defense industry. Microsoft  Private 5G Core allows the AGVs to have the highest degree of connectivity in the industry while increasing the level of security ten times over that of traditional Wi-Fi. 

“At Raytheon Defense, we understand the importance of connectivity and security in today’s digital age, and we are proud to partner with suppliers like RedViking who are taking advantage of the latest technologies to improve their operations. We believe that RedViking’s use of private 5G capabilities will enable them to create a more connected and secure environment, which is essential for the future of our mobility strategy,” said Anthony D’Ambrosio, Director of Automation at Raytheon.

Over the past few years, RedViking has proven itself as a leading provider of mobility and information solutions for their customers, as a result, they have experienced exponential growth as they continuously expand the technologies used in providing the most up-to-date innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. 

“Throughout this growth, RedViking has sought to increase both the reach and capability of our supplier partnerships, relying on industry leaders such as Microsoft to help keep us on the forefront of the technology curve. This AGV Center of Excellence is a culmination of our growth over the last several years and will serve as the launching pad to the next phase of supporting our customers with industry-leading connected mobility solutions,” said Josh McNeely, Chief Commercial Officer at RedViking.

In addition, RedViking is also excited to announce that Josh McNeely will join Microsoft in a panel discussion at the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE International Industrial Fair on April 17.  HANNOVER MESSE is the most important international platform and a hot spot for industrial transformation with excellent innovations. Josh will be speaking on  RedViking’s AGVs and Argonaut solutions that are connected with Microsoft Azure private 5G MEC and the value of 5G in manufacturing, especially in early production deployments.

While the completion of RedViking’s AGV Center of Excellence is scheduled for mid-year 2024, Microsoft Private 5G Core installation was completed last month and is currently available for demonstration and run-off.  The facility is located at the RedViking headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan, and will provide customers with an experience to see the cutting-edge technology that RedViking and its partners such as Microsoft are able to provide for mobility, information, and connectivity solutions. 



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