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Increasingly, companies are turning to RedViking for ways to increase throughput and minimize infrastructure. RedViking AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are the efficient, operator friendly solution for material handling.  Our AGV solutions are cleaner, more sustainable, and require less infrastructure than traditional conveyance methods.  

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Scalable and Customizable

RedViking's AGV solution is designed for your production process and your product. AGVs can handle a broad range of applications. Whether your product has a high payload and low throughput or high throughput and high volume, our AGVs are an engineered solution for your needs. This scalability allows for lower entry cost than other conveyance methods because the system does not require additional infrastructure and is customized to your specific application.  


Unlike traditional conveyance, the travel path of an AGV can be quickly and cost-effectively reconfigured to accommodate changes in product, process, or path. Additional AGVs can be added as needed as the line changes or to increase the production rate. This flexibility also provides cost savings as your system does not need to be more robust to accommodate future needs.

Improved Safety

AGVs are equipped with several features to reduce worker injury. AGV navigation technology identifies obstacles, prevents collisions, and programs predictable travel paths and speeds. Further, AGVs provide 360-degree access as well as lift and articulation to increase operator ergonomics.  

MES/FIS Compliant

RedViking AGV solutions have the connectivity to exchange information about position, movement, charging levels, and other diagnostic data about the AGV. Our AGV system can be easily integrated with existing MES/FIS systems to provide additional manufacturing improvement data. RedViking’s digital manufacturing team can help you further optimize your AGV solution by maximizing the potential of your legacy MES/FIS system or by using our Argonaut® platform to collect and display the data you need to increase facility efficiency and productivity. 

Selectable Power Source

A variety of power sources are available to provide the power that the AGV needs to travel through your facility. Several battery power options are available, as well as Inductive Power Transfer (IPT®). There are advantages to both types of power sources. RedViking can help you identify which option best suits your needs. 

Custom In-House Tooling

RedViking’s AGV solution can fully tailor your AGV solution to your needs with custom tooling.  Not all production processes are the same, so tooling options can be used to further adapt the AGV to your specific application. The right tooling can allow for multi-part variations on the line or maximum operator accessibility to the part. RedViking has the experience to custom design tooling for your AGV in-house.

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The RedViking Advantage

Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturer - AGV Company - image-listCustomized to Your Process
Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturer - AGV Company - image-listSelectable Power Source
Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturer - AGV Company - image-listNavigation Options
Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturer - AGV Company - image-listImproved Safety Features
Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturer - AGV Company - image-listMES / FIS Compliant
Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturer - AGV Company - image-listCustom In-House Tooling

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