Battery Electric Vehicles vs Internal Combustion: AGVs built for Mix Model Manufacturing

A world-class supplier of Tier 1 Class 8 truck assemblies reached out to RedViking to design and implement battery and emissions assembly AGVs for two of their assembly locations on a common AGV platform. They requested a zero-turn center drive AGV system for both of their facilities. The goal was to have the AGVs tunnel under the work platforms and transfer assemblies from station to station for either EV battery build, Power control assembly unit, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid emission assembly. The AGVs were required to lift, rotate, and have custom tooling unique to each facility. This project consisted of both automation and manual assembly processes as well as various scale up and validation requirements.

This is one AGV type that can cover two different assembly plants and two different assembly systems. Each plant has a custom-built and tooled assembly platform for the build-up and presentation of the battery unit or the emissions assembly unit. The battery platform was built with integrated lift and the emission assembly platform was built with integrated lift and turntable rotate.


Faced with the need for a cohesive and adaptable solution for multiple facilities, RedViking designed a tunneling Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). The challenge was to develop a standardized system that could be shared across facilities, promoting efficiency and consistency. RedViking implemented shared components and a unified methodology for assembly, ensuring seamless integration and ease of maintenance. A custom platform was designed, providing the flexibility to address diverse operational requirements for the battery and emissions assemblies. 

Key Benefits:

Key Benefits:

  • Increase in Productivity / flexible, scalable production system for volume ramp
  • 360-degree Access – step on features, lift, turntable and underbody access tooling
  • Ability to handle multiple models of the assembled product
  • Single team management and engineering and multi-site customer cross-functional team
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved Operator Work Environment
  • Improved Safety

Both AGV systems were future-proofed, designed to accommodate the integration of automation as
production volumes increased, showcasing RedViking’s commitment to scalable and
innovative manufacturing solutions. After completion, both facilities have built
thousands of units of prototype truck build and truck testing. 


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