Rear Chassis Flip Assembly Line AGVs

RedViking Can Help Manufacturing Companies Create, Improve and Redesign Assembly Lines for Improved Ergonomic Positioning of Their Line Workers

A large automotive OEM was in need of a new way to build and access rear suspension on their assembly lines. Their line didn’t allow for easy access or ergonomic positioning for their line workers and they needed to increase their production numbers.

3D Enhanced Robotic Cell System for Flipping Rear Automotive Chassis Assembly

Rear Chassis Flip Cell

Key Benefits:

  • Improved Ergonomic Positioning for Line Workers
  • Advanced 3D Vision System
  • AGV Customized Tooling
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Metallic safety Fence
  • Safety module and necessary connection for safety maneuver
  • Safety micro-units in all access doors to the robot’s area
  • Safety Compact Logics L30/ERMS PLC
  • Operator hardware panel with basic functions, expandable to fit other requirements:
  • Cycle Start (Once cycle has begun in the control cabinet)
  • Safety Barriers Start
  • Emergency Stop Push buttons
  • Cycle Cancellation

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Floor Mounted Fanuc Robot

The automated robotic cell has a floor-mounted Fanuc robot with a custom end of arm tool and cart stabilizing equipment. The cart stabilization equipment helps control the path of the AGV carts for improved in-line positioning when carts travel into the station.

Lift Rails

The robot is guided by an advanced 3D vision system that will locate the rear suspension while on the AGV cart tooling and adjusts for any misalignment before engaging and lifting the part from the AGV. The robot flips the axle assembly and lowers the part back onto the AGV cart tooling before allowing the automation to disengage the cart/fixture and continuing the assembly processes.

Safety Cell

The automated flip station robot is located in a guarded cell containing mutable light curtains in which the AGV can enter. The guarding also contains a maintenance door with a safety rated lock-out device for operator entrance.

A main safety PLC and robot controller are supplied with the automated cell equipment and it will be assumed that all devices within the cell operation will be controlled within the supplied system.


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