Fully Integrated Test Executive and Indisputable Data

Vsync™ is RedViking’s 4th generation powertrain dynamic testing software, based on over 100 fielded dynamic component test benches. Developed by RedViking for aerospace, automotive and off-highway test labs.

Your lab or end-of-line test stand won’t have to rely on multiple stand-alone systems with limited data acquisition and analysis capabilities. Vsync™  provides an integrated, user-friendly platform for indisputable test data with superior repeatability and traceability.

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The Vsync™  Platform

The Vsync™ platform includes all of the fundamentals you need to run your RedViking dynamic testing software system. The system includes manual and automatic control, an overview of the unit under test, trend screens, basic user management, active alarm views, and basic calibration. Plug-in modules and editors will be recommended to customize your turn-key solution.

The Vsync™ platform includes: 

  • Primary Operator Page for Automatic Test Control
  • Primary Operator Page for Manual Test Control
  • Test Report Viewer
  • Active and Historical Alarm Manager
  • System Startup Manager
  • User Access Control 
  • Advanced Trend Viewer
  • System Maintenance Manager


Every RedViking Powertrain Test System includes Vsync™  Hardware

Vsync™ requires a host system, safety PLC and cRIO for data acquisition, test control, and test monitoring. These components are designed into every powertrain test system that we build. The degree of sensor installation will depend on your specific test requirements and software modules selected.

In addition, Vsync™ is easily configured to include additional modules, including:

  • Calibration Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Equipment Health Manager
  • Remote Access
  • Alarms History
  • Systems Schematic Display
  • Work Instruction Viewer
  • Advanced User Interface
  • Camera Interface
  • Advanced Vibration Analysis Tool
  • Dynamic Configuration Manager

Vsync™ Controls Platform from RedViking - FTM-4_CAMERA_SCREEN(1)

Vsync™  Editing Tools

  • TSS (Test Sequence Set)
  • Editor Machine Configuration Editor
Vsync™ Controls Platform from RedViking - DSCF0371

The RedViking Advantage

Vsync™ Controls Platform from RedViking - image-listUser-Friendly platform
Vsync™ Controls Platform from RedViking - image-listManual and automatic control
Vsync™ Controls Platform from RedViking - image-listPlug-in modules
Vsync™ Controls Platform from RedViking - image-listTest control and test monitoring

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