Accurate, Durable and Consistent Gears and Gearboxes

RedViking has developed gearboxes for some of the world's most demanding customers, including NASA and the United States DOD. All gearboxes are developed using a rigorous, specific procedure to ensure accuracy, durability, and consistency. Our customers rely on the precision and reliability that RedViking gearboxes provide.

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Our Rigorous 12 Step Process ensures long-term trouble-free gearbox performance

  1. Evaluate design criteria and geometric constraints
  2. Define design parameters and functional specifications
  3. Calculate and select gear specifications (diametric pitch and face width)
  4. Establish gearbox geometry and gear sizing
  5. Perform shaft calculations
  6. Calculate gear tooth micro-geometry
  7. Complete bearing calculations and selection
  8. Determine lubrication requirements
  9. Finalize gearbox construction and analysis
  10. Verification of gear quality through quality documentation
  11. Establish gearbox assembly procedures
  12. Perform gearbox dynamic validation and performance analysis

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Perform Final Acceptance Testing

Before any gearbox can be shipped to a customer, an Acceptance Testing Plan is established, and the complete parameters of this plan must be met. Usually, equipment performance criteria determine the elements of the Acceptance Plan. It's important that the gearbox performance is such that it does not have any negative influence on the overall machine performance. If the gearbox design steps above are carefully followed, this is sure to be the case.

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The RedViking Advantage

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