Assembly Lines Customized to Meet Your Production Needs

We’ve designed and built turnkey assembly lines for cars, jet engines, off-highway vehicle producers, military vehicles, and more. We’ve redesigned a jet engine manufacturer’s assembly line to produce 8X more engines than they previously did. 

Once we understand your starting point, we’ll typically do an engineering study of your current process, and you understand your goals for the new line or MRO. If you’re starting with a Greenfield or brownfield site, we’ll design the processes, automation, specialty machines, and IT systems that fit your needs. We go into every assembly line or MRO assuming that not every process needs to be automated, and not every machine needs to be replaced. We believe that every piece of automation needs to earn its place on the line.

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Single Point of Contact: Your Program Manager

At each step of the way, your RedViking Program Manager will work to make sure that you’re happy with the process. Frequent project updates are comprehensive and straightforward because your Program Manager will be your single point of contact. While we always design a structured review and update schedule, we’ll also be available for your questions when you need them answered.

Custom Machines Designed and Built in the U.S.

Once we’ve determined the station structures, tools, and intelligence required to achieve your production targets, we’ll identify all off-the-shelf and custom software, tools, and machines that you’ll need. Custom machines are designed and built by our expert design, engineering, and build teams in Michigan.

Global Support 

If you’d like ongoing maintenance and support for our turnkey assembly lines or MRO, we’re your best choice. In addition to North, Central and South America, we currently provide U.S.- based support for customers in China, Western Europe, and the Middle East. Whether you choose a full support contract or an occasional retrofit, we’ll be there when you need us.

We’re in it for the Long Term

We’ll close the project when your objectives are met, and then we’ll be around for the long term. Our customers become repeat customers because we never drop anything off at the door and leave. We’re proud of our long term customer relationships, and we’re careful to maintain the trust and confidence that they place in us.

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The RedViking Advantage

  • Complete Design, Build and Integration
  • Assembly lines, MRO’s and other Manufacturing Plants
  • Greenfield, Brownfield or Existing Factory
  • Comprehensive Engineering Process Studies
  • Single Point of Contact for Program Management
  • Iterative Design Process to match Customer Requirements
  • Designed and Built in the U.S.
  • Global Implementation and Support

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