Turnkey Construction Vehicle Assembly Line

Inductive Power Transfer AGV Technology Increases Capacity by 200%

RedViking was selected by an off-highway vehicle manufacturer that needed a new assembly line solution. They needed a solution with the flexibility to gradually scale a new line as production increased. The customer is cost-conscious and wanted to budget for features as they were needed. RedViking designed, built, installed, and supported an inductive power transfer (IPT®) AGV assembly line that grew production by 200% in 2 years with no increase in staff or floor space.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick Installation: 2 Shallow Channels Cut Into an Iron-Free Floor for Cable Installation
  • Flexible: Everything Above the Floor is Portable and Can be Re-Routed, Repurposed, or Relocated
  • Efficient: Asynchronous Indexing Allows Units to Move Forward When They Are Ready
  • Sustainable: Minimal Oils and No Steel Chains, Tracks, Rollers, or Battery Disposal Concerns
  • Affordable: Minimal Maintenance and Spare Parts Required
  • Verifiable: RedViking Has the Only IPT®Test Track of Its Kind in the U.S. for Prove-Out
  • Safe: Flat Floor Avoids Trip and Conveyance Impact Hazards
  • Ergonomic: 360° Access Improves Operator Work Environment

Turnkey Assembly Line Increases Capacity and Saves Money

A global manufacturer of construction vehicles wanted to significantly increase throughput, but they did not want to allocate more of their capital equipment budget before it would be fully productive. Because durability is a corporate value, they wanted an assembly line that would have the lowest cost of ownership over its lifetime. RedViking designed and built an inductive power transfer (IPT®) AGV assembly line that allowed them to buy only the AGVs that they needed now, with the ability to seamlessly scale in the future. A universal AGV was designed for a wide variety of off-highway vehicles so that the factory can respond quickly to new production requirements. Today the plant has tripled its capacity by gradually adding AGVs, without adding staff or floor space. Where a chain-based conveyor would have been scrapped and replaced, simple tooling changes to existing AGVs can handle new vehicle models.

Quick Installation

An inductive powered AGV system requires far less material, labor, and hazardous equipment than traditional conveyor systems. Instead of installing thousands of pounds of steel tracks, we cut two shallow channels into an iron-free floor, laid data and communications cable, then epoxied over and sanded to a flat floor finish. Where paths merge and separate, no multi-track system, unchaining, or lift transfer is required – software and controls direct the AGV’s path along one of the quickly changed in-floor paths. All AGVs were proved out on the RedViking test track before shipment, removing risk from the AGV setup during installation.


Custom Assembly Line Design

The AGVs continuously receive power, whether in-station or moving through production. Custom designed quick connections travel with the AGV for use during vehicle hot test, without any need for additional power. Because the AGVs can be customized to carry specific connections, they can eliminate several outside systems.

The Portable, Invisible Assembly Line

The end result is a flexible manufacturing line driven by production requirements, powered by IPT®, and managed with software and controls. This highly portable conveyance becomes virtually invisible by providing 360-degree access to the vehicle under production. Today this safe, clean, quiet assembly line has significantly improved capacity utilization while proving itself to be highly scalable.



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