Refuse Vehicle AGV Assembly Line

Refuse Vehicle AGV Assembly Line

McNeilus, a division of OshKosh Defense wanted to streamline the production of their refuse collection loader vehicles. They were looking for a partner who understood the complexity of their business and had the knowledge and expertise to take a manual stall build assembly line to an automated process. In early 2022, RedViking and McNeilus launched the first automated production line that features industry 4.0 technologies, automated guided vehicles, connected tooling, and manufacturing execution systems. The revolutionary automation and integration of AGVs and other equipment on this line resulted in an 88% decrease in defects per unit and a 16% increase in overall production. In addition, they saw an increase in employee morale as a result of the improved manufacturing environment.

Key Benefits:

  • 88% Decrease in Defects
  • 16% Increase in Production
  • Industry 4.0 Technology
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Assembly Line Integration & Automation
  • Automated Embark & Disembark
  • Automated Work Platforms
  • Automated Movement of Assembly Line Components
  • Work Benches
  • Torque Tools Integrated on the Line

Automated Guided Vehicles for Heavy Equipment

This RedViking inductive powered AGV conveyance system provides a work environment that is clean, quiet, and free of obstructions intended to function with minimal oils and debris on the floor. The installation of this system is quick and without the excessive labor, materials and risk associated with chain-based or other similar conveyance systems. These AGV paths are quickly and easily modified or added when production or process modifications are required.

Work Station Automation

Stations include automated embark and disembark, part rotation and alignment, and powered delivery of components to the line side. Also included, are automated work platforms for improved worker ergonomics.


Industry 4.0 Technology

The AGV system communications network is established with Wireless Industrial LAN network using hardware that is a communication path to transfer information between the Main Line PLC and the AGVs PLCs. This communication provides the ability to send commands to the AGVs as well as receive feedback to the control system of the AGV location and status.

Conveyance Controls and Safety

The control of the AGV conveyance includes Safety PLC, PLC programming and HMI programming required to provide the following modes of conveyance operation:

  • Independent AGV control
  • Automatic – Asynchronous conveyance AGV’s
  • Scalable and Flexible

Read more about McNeilus and how they revolutionized the refuse vehicle collection industry.


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