Automotive Assembly Decking AGV

Worker injuries and downtime were a persistent problem on an automotive assembly marriage line. They needed a decking loop with better ergonomics and the capacity to run more than one job per minute without interruption. An IPT AGV decking system with integrated lifts to automatically synchronize with overhead conveyors was their solution.

Key Points:

  • Integrated Lifts Protect Operators From Injury
  • Continuous Operation with Minimal Maintenance
  • Automatically Synchronizes with Overhead Conveyance and Lifts Part Into Place
  • Laser Alignment System Ensures Quick, Accurate Part Placement
  • Flat Floor, 360° Product Access and No Conductor Bar
  • No Batteries to Recharge, Manage, Dispose
  • Turnkey Project Management and Implementation
  • U.S. Designed and Built, Global Support, and Service

Operator Injuries and Unacceptable Downtime

A premier automaker was experiencing problems with their exhaust decking system. First, the ergonomics of the system were poor and operator injuries were persistent. Second, their conductor bar conveyance was susceptible to interference from anything dropped in the track and also highly susceptible to wear. Because of the structure of conductor bar systems, finding failure points was time-consuming. This single loop was slowing down the rest of the assembly process, and previous attempts to speed up the process had not only been unsuccessful but had increased worker injuries.

Integrated Lift Synchronizes with Overhead Conveyor

RedViking designed and built an IPT AGV decking system with an integrated, inductively powered lift. The automotive chassis is brought in on an overhead conveyor, the AGV automatically synchronizes with it, and the integrated lift brings up the exhaust system to be decked. Bolts and pins accidentally dropped onto the floor by operators are handled by the debris management system. These AGVs use inductive power transfer for continuous operation, 24/7. Safety scanners are configured to provide 360° access to the product. There is virtually no maintenance required and the flat floor design eliminates the wear and interference problems associated with conductor bar.

IPT AGV Assembly Lines

IPT AGV assembly lines are chosen for their scalability, ergonomics and cost-efficiency. IPT AGVs are intelligent, automated conveyance with full positional awareness, without the expense or environmental concerns of batteries or chain-based conveyance. Since power and communication are inductively sourced, virtually any payload can be carried and virtually any tools and automation can be powered by the AGV’s continuous power source. Unattached to the facility and unencumbered by pits and chains, battery-free AGVs create a portable, virtually invisible assembly line conveyance.

Turnkey Automated Assembly Lines

Applications of this technology include decking lines, engine, and powertrain assembly lines, commercial generator production, stamping lines, aircraft assembly and more. We design, build and integrate turn-key assembly lines for automotive, aerospace and off-highway vehicle manufacturers as well as military MROs.

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