Traceability with Packout

Argonaut® Platform Provides Scalable, Consistent Track and Trace

A large Tier One auto supplier had trouble managing their multiple tracking and traceability systems. As they acquired other companies, they became vertically integrated and inherited different tracking systems of varying quality. They were challenged with merging these systems and frustrated with the inability to compare data metrics across the organization. They were looking for a system that was scalable and could be rolled out as their operations grew and modernized. Since a standard out-of-the-box MES system did not meet their needs, they turned to RedViking for a solution. RedViking’s Argonaut® platform with Track and Trace with Pack Out option was the right fit. It gave them the capability they needed now, with options to grow in the future.

Key Benefits:

  • Argonaut® Replaced Multiple Legacy Systems
  • Quality Record Created From Tracking Data
  • Tracking Data is Always Available
  • Cycle Time and Machine Fault Tracking
  • Complete Project Management and Integration

Different Quality Systems Needed to Come Together

Our customer had a complex production process with varying paths and processes based on the product group. They used multiple tracking systems that varied by location and process, ranging from internally created software applications to check sheets on paper. They were confronted with shipping delays, the ability to properly train operators, and to compare metrics across the organization due to the lack of consistency in their tracking and traceability process. RedViking had a solution to solve this consistency problem. Argonaut® replaced multiple legacy MES systems.

Part Tracking and Test Data Creates Quality Record

With Argonaut® Track & Trace, quality checking operations are performed at each step of the assembly process, ensuring that faulty parts are quickly identified and stopped before additional costs can be incurred.

Every cell validates the correct assembly of the components. Tests are performed inline to check dimension, seal integrity, and other parameters. Each machine controller is connected to Argonaut®, so if a part fails at any step in the cell, a quality alert is logged. If the specific machine test shows an error, that error is immediately evident, which allows proper corrective action to be timely taken.

After each assembly, operators scan the part to a shipping container, and the part’s traceability record is checked with Pack Out to ensure that all operations have completed before the part can be loaded to the skid. This improved the customer’s quality record because inaccurate parts are identified before they are shipped.


Machine Data Integration is Critical

RedViking used the customer’s product specifications and machine builder data to create a “smart packing sheet” for all operations. Data is collected and tracked similarly to a conventional SPC system. However, the system is cloud-hosted, which makes the data is instantly accessible from remote locations, and remedial actions can be initiated virtually instantaneously.

Implementation was a coordinated effort between the customer, RedViking, and other suppliers to accurately integrate tooling changes, PLC communication capabilities, and, most critically, the complex handshaking involved with machine control.

Data is Always Available

Argonaut® Track & Trace uses store-and-forward technology at each production cell. This ensures that production can continue to operate without losing data in the event of an interruption to data transfer. If the internet or corporate intranet should go down, the manufacturing cells run in offline mode. When the communications resume, data is quickly uploaded to the main server and becomes available for reporting and historical metrics analysis.

For this customer, data is saved to cloud-hosted servers through a secure SSL encrypted and token-based authorization chain. The security of the system is extremely tight, with operators and line managers having precise but limited data access.

Cycle Time and Machine Fault Tracking for OEE

Beyond process and part validation, Argonaut® collects cycle time and machine fault codes with each cycle. This data allows the customer to run a query for a subset of OEE information. This information can be gathered for cells throughout the facility.

Since errors are infrequent, the ability to query a large set of data across many product families helps identify parameters at fault. This customer uses their big data to identify and analyze rare events that would have been difficult to analyze in the past.

Gradual Rollout Ensures Consistency

This customer has gradually implemented Argonaut® – starting from a core group of data points through a complete connection of an entire work cell. All production and machine performance values are tracked. Because Argonaut® is designed to be horizontally scalable, this has been a smooth implementation with consistent outcomes.



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