Automotive Line Part Kitting and Sequencing

Simplify Production of Large Numbers of Model Variants Within a Single Facility

One of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers needed to add more models and styles to their production line without adding floor space. Their assembly line was overcrowded and the addition of more parts seemed impossible. Operators were becoming frustrated with time wasted searching for parts that led to line interruptions. They needed a partner to design and integrate an inventory management solution to orchestrate the delivery of parts and then sequence them with production schedules.

RedViking implemented and supported Part Kitting and Sequencing, Error Proofing, and Track and Trace MES apps. Our customers could now build hundreds of new model variations without expanding their facility or compromising quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction in Line Stoppage
  • Improved Quality and Compliance
  • Improved Operator Safety by Removing Line-Side Clutter
  • Increased Product Types and Variants
  • Reduction in Waste With Line-Side Inventory

Reduction in Line Disruption

Parts for the various assemblies were stored in different places around the line. Operators spent too much time locating the correct part, which resulted in excessive time per stations and even line stoppage. RedViking configured a sequencing system to stagger or reverse order parts before sending them line-side for assembly. Operator sequencing instructions are automatically updated based on a real-time production schedule so parts can arrive on time. This process improved assembly efficiency by eliminating the line stoppage for this reason.

Gated Quality Checks and Traceable Parts

Our solution included two of our most popular applications – Error Proofing and Track and Trace. These applications improved the quality of the assembly process and provided an overall reduction in cost. The Error Proofing app assures timely and correct part placement before a vehicle moves down the line. The Track and Trace app assures that parts are continuously tracked. This creates a traceable history for each vehicle and provides better visibility into part inventory. These features provide overall cost-reduction because the inventory can be carefully managed to avoid both shortfalls and excesses. Part genealogy reduces the impact of any warranty or recall work.

Kitting Eliminates Lineside Clutter & Reduces Waste

One of the customer’s assembly inefficiencies was the part storage. Bins cluttered the assembly line area, and part inventory was difficult to manage as a result. RedViking’s solution resolved this issue by creating both line-side and ride-along part kits that aligned with the build schedule. For ride-along, offline pickers place parts for a model build in a container that travels with the vehicle through the line. Operator walk paths are now clear, and just-in-time lineside inventory eliminates waste.

From Dozens of Car Models to Hundreds

The combination of a strong Part Kitting and Sequencing application combined with Error Proofing and Track and Trace has given this automaker the ability to produce hundreds of model variants without having to expand their facility. In the plant where they used to produce dozens of models, they can now produce hundreds!



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