Aerospace APU Engine Testing Integration

Integration and Upgrades for Better Jet Engine Testing

A large military aerospace center had a standalone test bench for one type of auxiliary power unit (APU). The stand was located outside of the main test center and was completely unlike all other test systems. The hardware was finicky, efficiencies of scale were minimal and the supporting staff was frustrated with operator interfaces. RedViking designed custom components and integration to bring this type of APU testing in line with all other systems in the main testing facility.

Key Benefits:

  • APU is Oriented for Optimal Access to Check Wiring Harnesses and Observe Any Visible Leaks
  • Operator Can Rotate the APU to Check or Change the Oil as Required During Testing
  • Custom Ducting System Brings Exhaust Gas Expulsion in Line with Other Test Stands
  • Additional Components Added to Allow This APU to be Tested in Multiple Existing Test Cells in the Main Facility
  • Two Forms of Load Testing
  • Base Stand Contains Integrated Oil Reservoir with Filtration System
  • Driveline Includes 200 lb-ft² Flywheel to Simulate APU Load Required to Start Aircraft Main Engine
  • Custom Harnesses Between Primary Engine Harness and Test Cell Equipment

Complete Turnkey MROs or Single Test System

Our customer, a large military aerospace operation, had been testing one type of 100hp APU in a test bench that had been built as a standalone and portable field test unit. Completely separate from and unlike all other test systems on-site, this stand required unique operator and maintenance staff training.

The APU undergoes multiple test sequences where dynamic loading and speed control are critical. Any failure to stay within the bounds of these tests can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the APU itself or a number of its critical components and seals.

While we design and build complete turnkey MROs, assembly lines and test centers, we’re also experts at designing systems that integrate seamlessly into those our customers already have in place.

Customized and Seamless Integration

For this customer, we designed a cradle that plugs into their existing docking stations. We also added load banks, an external brake, and an inertia loading device (flywheel) for safe and accurate testing of the APU. The system includes two forms of load testing – electrical loading of the integrated generator, achieved with load banks, and an external brake for loading the output shaft.

This RedViking solution tests for fuel/oil priming, seal cutting, APU run, initial main engine start, translation start, main engine start, load switching, and overload.

The customer’s new APU test system integrates seamlessly into their primary testing area while also providing the upgrades they require.



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