RedViking Invests in Employee Wellness


RedViking is focusing on helping our employees get healthy, and the results are showing! In 2015, Kapnick Strive® conducted biometric health screenings for 70,000 people in the U.S. through their corporate wellness assessment program. The screening includes measurement of body mass index, weight/height ratios, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and more. RedViking offered this optional, voluntary screening to our employees.

Health Screening Yields Great Results

RedViking had outstanding results on many metrics, including:

  • Our percentage of employees in the “Ideal” health metric range is 45% higher than average
  • 67% of our employees measured “Ideal” or “Low Risk” for weight-related health issues
  • None of our employees tested at “High” or “Very High” blood pressure

At the same time, a couple of our employees discovered previously unknown health issues that they can now have treated.

On-Site Fitness Support

Of the hundreds of companies Kapnick supports, RedViking is the only one with an on-site Wellness Coordinator who conducts free fitness classes and health assessments. RedViking also offers healthy snack and meal options as well as an on-site gym with lockers and towel service.  In warm weather, our employees have access to an on-site batting cage and horseshoe pits. We also sponsor co-ed soccer and softball teams.

Committed to Healthy Employees

Randy Brodzik, RedViking’s President, is a strong advocate for employee wellness: “The heart and soul of this organization is its employees. We want to make sure they’re getting what they need to stay healthy. Right now we’re doing a company-wide 90-day challenge for better exercise habits and healthier eating.” According to the Society of Human Resources, “availability of facilities to exercise at the work site removes many of the barriers to exercise, including convenience, safety and expense.”

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