Principles of Flexible Manufacturing


Rod Emery, VP Operations at RedViking, will be presenting “5 Principles of Flexible Assembly Line Design” at this year’s Manufacturing in America Symposium.  On Thursday March 24th at 11 am, Rod will talk about design concepts that we use ourselves and for our customers to increase production flexibility and scalability: 1. Make your machines do more 2. Design for the future 3. Detach your factory from the facility 4. Don’t be an only customer 5. Don’t over-automate

You can Start Small

With over 20 years of industrial automation experience,  Rod has practical implementation advice on how to improve production flexibility. While we design turnkey assembly lines for some of our customers, we’ve also helped add flexibility one station at a time. You don’t have to do a complete tear out to get significantly better manufacturing flexibility and scalability. For example, Rod will talk about rethinking your machine architecture to bundle and streamline operations and when to prioritize process design. These design principles can be implemented for a single operation.

Make Your Automation Earn its Place

He’ll also review some of the ways we’re helping our customers detach their production from their facilities, and how we’re helping them avoid becoming anyone’s “only customer”. Finally, he’ll offer 5 criteria you can use to evaluate whether or not an operation should be automated. We believe that every piece of industrial automation needs to earn its place on your line. RedViking will be in the Atrium at booth 301, featuring turnkey robotics, powertrain testingbattery-free AGVs and more. To learn more, you can reach Rod at


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