Precision Solutions for Aerospace Manufacturing

With a legacy rooted in innovative aerospace automation, including first-in-the-world assemblies, we deliver game-changing solutions for the complex manufacturing needs of this industry. Our expertise transforms traditionally manual processes into efficient, precise, and automated workflows. From consultation to implementation, we navigate evolving regulations, ensuring your aerospace projects soar above the competition.

Tackling Challenges in Aerospace Manufacturing

In the dynamic realm of aerospace manufacturing, our solutions meet the stringent demands of fixed-wing and rotorcraft production. We build and design smart manufacturing systems, ensuring precision and efficiency in aircraft assembly and testing. RedViking offers a fresh perspective, leveraging vast experience with jet engines, military vehicles, and commercial aircrafts to address and conquer your aerospace manufacturing challenges.

Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions for Future-Ready Production

In the fiercely competitive aerospace sector, we excel in delivering industry-advancing manufacturing solutions, setting the pace for innovation. From navigating labor-intensive processes to addressing ever-changing safety regulations, our consultative approach and expertise in high-precision applications set us apart.

Dynamic Testing Systems

We work closely with military and commercial MROs to deliver ultra-precise, high-performance test stands. Our decades of experience empower us to design and implement intelligent powertrain test systems globally while meeting the production and regulatory needs of this industry.

Custom Automation

Step into the future of aerospace manufacturing with our custom automation solutions. We seamlessly guide your transition from manual to automated processes through our hands-on, consultative approach. Our skilled team excels in crafting and integrating tailored solutions, including AGVs and AMRs, seamlessly into your processes.

Turnkey Assembly Lines

Redefine aerospace assembly with our turnkey solutions. Our consultants with extensive expertise in large, high-precision applications set us apart. From custom jet engine assembly lines to exceeding production requirements, we offer tailored aerospace manufacturing solutions, adapting to varying levels of precision, weight, and size.

Blade Balance Stands & Whirl Towers

Experience a new standard in productivity and capability with our highly engineered dynamic blade balance stands and whirl towers. Designed to enhance testing, tracking, and monitoring for helicopter OEMs, these solutions thrive even in challenging weather conditions.

Software & Controls

In the aerospace industry, traceability and quality-based solutions are paramount. Our Vsync™ Executive Software and Controls offer a sophisticated platform for dynamic component testing. Adjust to your needs with our modular architecture, delivering precise and tailored aerospace manufacturing solutions.


Automate to Accelerate

Empower your production with our visionary automation solutions. Secure your place in the automated future – contact us to discuss your custom solution.

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