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The RedViking - Siemens Partnership

The RedViking - Siemens Partnership

RedViking spends a lot of time developing relationships with customers and suppliers to become not just buyers and sellers, but partners.  Many of our customer relationships have lasted for decades, and many of our suppliers have become critical to our engineering designs. Siemens is a partner like this. Siemens motors and drives are vital to our energy regenerating dynamic test systems, and their motion control systems have been essential to some of our most complex custom specialty machines.  Because they’re an international company, they’re a perfect fit for many of our customers who have a global presence. While our customer specs often dictate the source of control platforms, we’ll choose Siemens whenever we can. Rod Emery Manufacturing Assembly Systems Presentation Yesterday, Siemens brought their international press tour to RedViking, ahead of the Manufacturing in America Symposium that began today.  The group included editors and journalists from all over the world. As always, we welcomed the chance to talk about some of our highly engineered testing and manufacturing systems, especially those featuring Siemens technology. Chris Lake Plant Tour FTM1 Motors Drives We had the opportunity to show everyone through our manufacturing and integration center.  The group saw our Wingspan battery-free AGV test track and stood in front of a large AGV to test its safety zone range. We demonstrated one of our custom robotic laser radar measurement and cutting cells, and everyone walked into the ‘guts’ of one of our helicopter multi-model main gearbox test systems. Randy Brodzik Press Tour Interviews We’re proud of all of our partnerships with customers and suppliers. Today, we’re especially appreciative of Siemens. Here’s a link to a video that Siemens produced on our dynamic test systems projects. We’re in the atrium area for the Siemens Manufacturing in America Symposium, and we hope you’ll stop by. On Thursday morning at 9:30, Jason Stefanski will talk about Vsync Dynamic Testing Software’s integrated Vibration Analysis and Health Monitoring in the Hall of Legends Room 3. Thursday afternoon at 2:00, Rod Emery will present non-traditional ways to improve sustainability through automation and controls, also in the Hall of Legends Room 3. Hope to see you there!  

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