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Argonaut Track & Trace Analytics

Key Points

  • Increased Production Insight from Full Production Life-Cycle Visibility
  • Improved Automated and Operator Decision Making in Real-Time
  • Short Term Return-On-Investment From Reduced Waste and Increased Efficiencies
  • Private Sector and Government Customer Specification and Reporting Compliance
  • Advanced Analytics Enable Machine Learning and Industry 4.0 Initiatives
  • Tangible Reduction in Warranty and Recall Expenses
  • Improved Accuracy in Data Analysis and Reporting

Traceability, the capability to collect data throughout all aspects of a production process and life-cycle of a part or product, is a critical success factor in the short and long term success in maximizing operational profitability and return-on-investment in manufacturing.

With decades of collective experience in the manufacturing space across industry private and public sectors, RedViking’s Argonaut platform is in its fourth generation and offers a robust feature set built around the core Track & Trace module.  As a core platform feature, Argonaut’s Track & Trace module provides Automatic and Manual Data Collection, third-party system and device integration, Operator Instructions, Error Proofing, Factory Information System (FIS) reporting, and real-time Fault and Bottleneck analysis. 

The fourth generation architecture of the Argonaut Track & Trace module enables the capability to integrate and collect data from most systems that add value and insight throughout the value chain of part production.  Integration with edge devices, part tracking devices such as RFIDs, bar codes systems, controls systems, and tooling systems, as well as both legacy and new controls systems provides a holistic view of the entire production process.         

Increased Production Insight from Full Production Life-Cycle Visibility

The Argonaut platform, built around a mature Traceability capability and complemented by a full spectrum feature set of our mature, advanced MES system, provides your organization visibility into the full life-cycle of your production processes.  Each final assembly shipped to your customer will include a comprehensive genealogy of its entire build in the form of a portable “Birth Certificate” document. 

From the moment that a part is introduced to production at your manufacturing facility, Argonaut’s Track & Trace module will collect operator security badge authentication, automatic process data points, manual operator approvals and decisions, as well as controls system and tool process data.

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Improved Automated and Operator Decision Making in Real-Time

Argonaut’s Track & Trace feature offers production the immediate value of real-time, actionable information about each part as it moves through the production process.  As the part progresses through production, each operation has full visibility of all data collected at any point upstream of that operation. 

Fully automated production processes can reference all upstream data and leverage Argonaut’s advanced “Smart System” process configurations to automatically make run-time production routing and decisions. 

Quality controls can easily be built into your production systems using upstream traceability data to enforce strict “quality gates” and process interlocks to assure quality throughout your value stream.  Integrated quality assurance is the cheapest and most efficient strategy for building an effective quality framework into your production processes.

In addition to integrating real-time decision making into your automated processes, the Argonaut platform includes fully-featured Operator Instruction and Guided Manufacturing capabilities that can present operators with the same level of upstream production insight and allow operators to manually guide the part through production.

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Quick Return-On-Investment from Reduced Waste and Increased Efficiencies

Production datasets produced by the Argonaut Track & Trace application and especially datasets that represent high-volume production operations, provide compounding insight into which operations generate the highest failure rates, resulting in costly scrap and waste.  Leveraging the same production datasets also provide visibility into which operations consistently lead the line in terms of cycle time or TAKT time overruns.

The power of Argonaut’s Track & Trace application and Argonaut as an advanced MES platform is that these production insights are available in near real-time.  As a standard feature, Argonaut leverages traceability data combined with powerful reporting and dashboard features to provide immediate insight into production bottlenecks and fault reporting at the operation and line level. 

Your production supervisor team will understand where your production constraints are and through advanced constraint analysis can focus on mitigation of your production constraints, resulting in increased throughput and more quality parts being produced at a lower cost to you.          

Your investment in implementing traceability into your manufacturing value stream will quickly have a positive, financially tangible impact on your production operations and transformation into a lean and efficient system and support constant improvement in the future.  

Private Sector and Government Customer Specification and Reporting Compliance

Both public sector (government) and OEM private sector customers have well defined production specifications and require strict production reporting parameters be met in order to ensure quality.  These strict reporting requirements also minimize the cost and effort of executing product recalls. 

The Argonaut Track & Trace application allows your organization to confidently attract high-value customers with the advantage of meeting strict traceability requirements and a mature framework for ensuring quality and operational efficiencies.  Your organization’s ability to demonstrate a focus on quality and efficiency, built on a foundation of a comprehensive traceability solution, will significantly increase your competitiveness in winning new business.

Once prospects become customers, your ability to continuously improve your operations, minimize production costs and identify, isolate, and mitigate quality issues quickly will result in more profitable production and higher customer satisfaction and confidence in your organization.   

Advanced Analytics Enable Machine Learning and Industry 4.0

Over the last decade, all sectors within the manufacturing industry are adopting the maturing initiatives of a full digitalization and system integration throughout the production process.  These initiatives are collectively grouped under the umbrella of Industry 4.0, which over the last 10 years have evolved from a loosely-grouping of concepts into a cohesive framework that continues to guide manufacturing into the next generations of efficiency and automation.  Many organizations have already adopted Machine Learning and reaped the real value of real-time production data in automating decision making, increasing quality and driving defects and waste out of their production process.

The Argonaut platform’s Track & Trace application provides your organization a firm foundation of digitalized data representing a full-spectrum view into your production operations.  In addition to Argonaut’s Track & Trace features and ability to aggregate valuable datasets, our platform offers an architecture that makes system integrations easy and enables Industry 4.0 concepts.

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Tangible Reduction in Warranty and Recall Expenses

One of the biggest challenges that your customers will experience, and depend on your organization to support, is the expense and effort of executing a product recall.  Product recalls have traditionally been very costly and damaging to OEMs but also highly impactful to upstream suppliers.  Your organization’s response to a recall can be detrimental to your reputation if not executed effectively.  Alternatively, as a supplier implementing a powerful MES solution leveraging traceability, a positive and effective recall response will bolster your reputation and brand as a reliable partner in the industry.  

The Argonaut Platform’s advanced analytic and reporting engines, built on a foundation of a full life-cycle traceability data set for each part produced, enables speed and accuracy in root cause identification, a quick defect containment response, and impact reporting.

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Increased Value from Comprehensive Data Analytics and Reporting

Now in its fourth generation, the Argonaut MES platform offers you the ability to create information from your Traceability data sets.  Argonaut creates actionable information by providing context to your Traceability data.  By leveraging pre-configured process specifications, production schedules, and advanced calculation configurations, Argonaut “wraps” Traceability data in context that communicates what the raw traceability data means to production. 

To understand the value of contextualizing raw production data against a pre-defined process specification, we can use an example of a collected data point of a strike force applied to a part during production as being 41332.  Alone, this data accurately reports a real production data value but there is no context that indicates what the value means; does the value indicate an acceptable strike force or does the value indicate a potential quality issue. 

The fourth generation Argonaut platform provides the ability to pre-define the process that the strike force event occurs and configure an acceptable range of strike force that better communicates the success of a process outcome.  The value in not only collecting production data points to a production process but also providing the capability to inform on the state of process success highlights the real value of Argonaut’s Track & Trace features within the larger context of the platform’s capabilities.

At scale, the potential for accurate and predictive data analytics in measuring and improving production quality, reducing costs associated with slow hardware degradation trends, and clearly understand process bottlenecks and quality issues that constrain your production is powerful.  

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