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Picking, Sorting and Order Preparation to
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Key Points

  • Industry proven Pick-to-Light application platform
  • Boost Picking Speed with Accuracy
  • Easy to Implement with Plug and Play Lights and Components
  • Increase Quality with Integrated Error Proofing
  • Advanced Administration Portal


Pick-to-Light Systems

RedViking’s approach to solving your line-side or kitting part picking and placement challenges is built on our understanding that your problems are unique to your operations and require a solution equally unique.

This understanding has been designed into the third generation of our Pick-To-Light application platform. Our application platform offers a core “command and control” administration portal that integrates with and supports most production systems. Our Pick-To-Light application platform is extremely extensible and configurable and supports both standard and open protocols required to support a huge array pick-light options, accessory devices, error-proofing sensor systems, and audio and visual indicators.

We will provide you with a fully customizable approach that fits your needs and solves today’s technical challenges while anticipating tomorrow’s needs to extend and your Pick-to-Light solution to fit your dynamic and evolving operations.

Boost Picking Speed with Accuracy

When looking for a Pick-to-Light solution, your requirements for performance and responsiveness are often driven by your very time-sensitive production cadence and cycle time targets. Our Pick-to-Light platform and extended device infrastructure are designed to provide maximum performance both in a kitting cell environment and in a line-side configuration. Line side pick operations are critical to the overall throughput of your production capability and have a direct profit impact.

RedViking’s Pick-to-Light application platform and device infrastructure has been proven effective over time in multiple production facilities of one of our customers; a multi-national automotive OEM. This performance-focused customer has been successfully relying on RedViking’s Pick-to-Light platform for both kitting cell and line-side configurations and have increased the platform’s footprint with confidence.

Easy To Implement with Plug and Play Lights and Components

With a focus on efficiency and ease of implementation, our customers have collectively sought a solution that minimized a dependency on advanced technical support specialists to administer our solution. Ease of implementation has been designed into both the aesthetics of administering our application platform as well as performing what should be “easy” tasks such as extending a single pick light or device.

Our answer to usability and ease of administration is a design that integrates easily with Plug and Play devices. With minimal training, your operational staff are able to perform simple tasks such as adding a single light to a production Pick-to-Light configuration with confidence without requiring a technical specialist.

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Increase Quality with Integrated Error Proofing

We’ll integrate error proofing into both your kitting cell and line-side Pick-to-Light configurations to validate operators have picked and placed the correct parts. Light indicators tell your operators which part bin to choose next, how many parts are required for the kit or assembly, and visually indicate when the wrong parts or quantities have been picked.

We also specialize in more advanced error proofing systems and quality control that can be integrated into your Pick-to-Light configuration. Based on your requirements, we will integrate Vision Inspection systems that are trained to recognize and alert your operator as incorrect part placement or absent parts are sensed. The Vision System will provide a visual or audio alert to the operator and can be integrated with RedViking’s Argonaut MES Platform’s Track and Trace module to provide a full life cycle genealogy for any produced part, proving that quality specifications have been met.

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Advanced Administration Portal

Our Pick-To-Light solution includes an advanced administration portal that is both easy to use and accessible as a web application with our optional inline Pick-to-Light interactive display or through any modern browser on the same network.

The Pick-To-Light application platform offers mature functionality including support for multi-cell device configurations, production and testing modes, production and sequencing integration supporting up to four consecutive production controllers, Marketplace Configuration mode, media management, supporting documentation and robust logging and auditing.

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Flexibility and Extensibility for the Future

Our cumulative years of experience and expertise implementing custom solutions leveraging our Pick-Light Platform will maximize your return on investment and provide extensibility in the future. The modular architecture of our Pick-Light Platform enables an almost infinite number of configuration options that will increase productivity and support increasing levels of complexity while ensuring accuracy and quality.

With the RedViking Pick-Light Platform augmenting our Kitting, Sequencing, Pick Verification, Line-side Inventory Management, and Quality Control modules and extensions, you’ll realize measurable cost savings and greater productivity in your Pick operations today as well as flexibility in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

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