RedViking Receives Patent for Transmission Test System


Unique Gearbox Test System

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded Patent 8,758,184 to RedViking for our transmission test system. This invention tests a variety of different forms of transmissions and other gearboxes for reliability and life expectancy, particularly helicopter transmissions. 

New Technology and Process

The patent includes all aspects of the RedViking multi-model Transmission Test System, including the Geared Cartridge Spindle (GCS), which creates a unique method of applying and removing power from high speed, high horsepower transmissions. It also includes the Transportable Test Fixtures (TTFs) which create a unique method of loading and loading the helicopter transmission into the test system to increase the system’s availability.

Advancing the art of Engineering

Starting in the automotive industry and then moving into aerospace and R&D environments, RedViking has decades of experience in highly engineered powertrain test systems and is proud to advance the art of engineering and manufacturing. While we are known for inventing machines and automation regularly, we chose to pursue a patent for this highly engineered, turn-key dynamic test system as part of our ongoing commitment to U.S. engineering.


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