RedViking Presenting on IIoT at Assembly Show


Operational Intelligence and IIoT Insights

RedViking will be presenting twice at this year’s Assembly Show in Chicago. On Wednesday, 10/25, as part of the Workshop schedule, Greg Giles will present “Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things for Mixed-Model Assembly”. On October 26th, as part of the main event, Rod Emery will present “Integrating Digital and Physical Manufacturing”.

The Industrial Internet of Things

at 3:15 on October 25th, Greg Giles, Executive Director of MES for RedViking, will review how IIoT is different than traditional methods of developing and implementing manufacturing software applications. He’ll offer a technical framework as well as case studies on how you can start using IIoT for one machine or one operation. Although RedViking offers an IIoT product, Greg won’t be talking about specifics related to Argonaut IIoT. He’ll keep it general enough that anyone with machine data will be able to garner useful information for their plant.

Merging Digital and Physical Manufacturing

At noon on October 26th, Rod Emery, VP Operations for RedViking will be talking about how plant managers can take better advantage of the data they already have, and how they can better leverage their suppliers’ digital tools to improve their own products. Rod will offer up examples of how our customers are expecting more of us as a supplier in terms of physical solutions that are improved by digital tools. He’ll touch on IIoT, but won’t go into the same depth as Greg Giles will in his workshop presentation on the 25th.


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