RedViking Presenting IIoT and Operational Intelligence at Assembly Show


IIoT and Operational Intelligence

RedViking will offer 2 presentations at The Assembly Show 2016 in Chicago. On Tuesday, 10/25 at 3:15pm, Greg Giles will present “Leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things for Mixed Model Assembly”. On Wednesday, 10/26 at noon, Rod Emery will present “Merging Digital and Physical Manufacturing”.

Industrial Internet of Things for Mixed Model Assembly

Mixed model assembly lines have unique data acquisition and analysis requirements. Because their products and processes are more complex than a single model assembly line, they have greater requirements for flexibility. An IIoT approach is ideal, since its broadcast-subscribe approach to data gives the ability to quickly spin up new software applications without impacting existing ones. Greg, Executive Director of MES for RedViking, will address IIoT’s operational technology and give examples of how a plant can start with one plant or one operation. He’ll also demonstrate a simple IIoT application.

Merging Digital and Physical Manufacturing

Digital tools are having a greater and greater impact on manufacturing. Manufacturing can and should expect their suppliers to better leverage digital capabilities to improve products and processes. Rod, VP of Operations for RedViking, will talk about some of the ways that our customers have taken advantage of simple data sources, like bar codes and RFID tags, and used them to improve their manufacturing. He’ll talk about some of the ways to capitalize on easily accessible data sources, and how to plan now for future expansion.


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