Looking for Dynamic Component Testing at Heli-Expo?


RedViking will be in booth #4433 at Heli-Expo featuring our helicopter dynamic component testing, engine testing and whirl tower solutions. Helicopter Gearbox Test Stands: Our flexible and sustainable design can accommodate multiple test articles on a single test stand and includes our proprietary integrated test executive and controls platform, Vsync. Designed and built in the U.S. with global support and service. Engine Test Stands: We’ll design and build your engine test system around your requirements, budget and timeline. We can create a unique standalone system or one that integrates fully into your main test center. Dynamic Blade Balance Stands: We design and build turn-key whirl towers featuring dual blade lift, advanced blade position laser measurement system and cutting-edge rotor control software. Want to learn more before Heli-Expo? Call us at 734.454.0500 or email engineering@redviking.com.


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