Argonaut is Coming!


Something big is happening at RedViking. At IMTS 2016 we’ll be unveiling Argonaut, the first fully configurable manufacturing performance platform.

We hear you

We’ve been designing and implementing manufacturing execution systems (MES) for some of the world’s largest manufacturers for over 25 years now, and our customers have been asking for a new kind of MES:

  • Make it manageable – we don’t want to send a software developer out to the factory for every update
  • Make it flexible – we want it to be easy to scale across multiple operations and plants
  • Make it affordable – we don’t want to pay up-front licensing and customization fees for a black box MES

Argonaut is not your traditional MES

Argonaut is the answer. Our customers who’ve installed it are giving us rave reviews. It’s manageable. You’ll control it all from a central location, so you won’t need to send a developer or an engineer to the plant for every software update. It’s got all of the MES apps you love from RedViking, installed individually or in combinations. You buy only the apps you need and install them only where you need them. Argonaut is not a traditional one-size-fits-all MES. It can be hosted in the cloud or on your server and it’s easily configured across stations and factories, giving you flexibility you can’t get from a traditional MES. Reports can be delivered to any authorized smartphone, tablet or PC. Argonaut has software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing, so you won’t get stuck paying heavy licensing and customization fees up front. The hardware is simple and minimal (it’s not a PC), and you can purchase or lease it. You only pay for the manufacturing apps that you need right now, and you can easily add more over time. It’s written in current web technology, so even if you decide to customize you won’t be paying for an elite programmer who’s familiar with one particular brand of MES. Argonaut is the affordable alternative to a traditional MES.

Sure, it’s got IIoT

It’s more than just software and it’s more than just an IIoT device. It’s a comprehensive, end-to-end platform, app and IIoT solution that grows as you grow.

Want to check it out for yourself?

You can sign up for a demo at our IMTS booth #E-4352 by going to  We’ll call to schedule a time for a one-on-one demo. Can’t get to IMTS but want to learn more? You can email us at, complete our contact form, or call Greg Cameron at +1.734.454.0500.


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