Assembly Line Part Kitting and Sequencing


Build Kits and Assemblies Quickly and Efficiently

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Key Points

  • Just-In-Time lineside inventory
  • Minimize floor space requirements
  • Reduce operator walk time
  • Decrease inventory costs
  • Increase production rates
  • Decrease part placement errors
  • Increase product types & complexities
  • Decrease job training time
  • Pick operation key performance indicator (KPI) tracking

Custom designed part kitting and sequencing can reduce your line-side inventory and increase the number of assembly types within the same line. RedViking will orchestrate the kitting and delivery of parts or part sets and then sequence them to match your production schedules with integrated quality control and automated, real-time inventory management.


Kitting Optimizes Inventory & Work Space

Do you have a high variation assembly line with a wide array of parts? We’ll design part kitting methods to so that your operators have the right parts right where they need them and when they need them. Kits can be structured around stationary locations and/or move along the line with your product.


Sequencing Enables Increasing Line Complexity while Reducing the Cost of Quality

Sequencing parts for complex product variations can give you the ability to have greater product complexity without expanding your line and also help improve quality. Our pick devices provide line-side and kitting cell operators with an effective system of visual light indicators, required quantity displays, and optional quality control sensors that prevent increasing complexity from impacting operator productivity.

Your Sequencing system will be designed around the particular needs of your assembly line. Typical implementations provide the capability to pick in reverse or staggered sequence, giving operators optimum working efficiency.

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Integrated Error Proofing

We’ll integrate error proofing into your MES kitting and sequencing systems to verify correct part picking and placement. Light indicators tell your operators which part bin to choose next, how many parts are required for the kit or assembly, and visually indicate when the wrong parts or quantities have been picked.

We also specialize in more advanced error proofing systems and quality control, including integrated Vision Inspection systems that are trained to recognize and alert your operator as incorrect part placement or absent parts are sensed. The Vision System will provide a visual or audio alert to the operator and can be integrated with RedViking’s Argonaut MES Platform’s Track and Trace module to provide a full life cycle genealogy for any produced part, proving that quality specifications have been met.

You can integrate our Kitting, Sequencing, Verification solution, and Pick-Light infrastructure with our Argonaut MES Platform through your network and communicate plant-wide to Andon boards, web clients and wireless handheld devices. RedViking will design the error proofing and communication integration process with your production systems or ERP systems based on your enterprise architecture and system requirements.

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Flexibility and Extensibility for the Future

Our cumulative years of experience and expertise implementing custom solutions leveraging our Pick-Light Platform will maximize your return on investment and provide extensibility in the future. The modular architecture of our Pick-Light Platform enables an almost infinite number of configuration options that will increase productivity and support increasing levels of complexity while ensuring accuracy and quality.

With the RedViking Kitting, Sequencing, Verification, Line-side Inventory Management, and Quality Control modules and extensions, you’ll realize measurable cost savings and greater productivity in your Pick operations today as well as flexibility in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.

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