Real-Time Actionable Data for Assembly Line Workers

Argonaut Digital Work Instructions - Integrated with Automated Guided Vehicle Control System

Argonaut Digital Work Instructions Integrated with AGV Control Systems

Key Points

  • Enable Highly Complex Operational Capacity at Scale
  • Drive Productivity Through Digital Work Instruction’s Feature-Rich Interface
  • Decrease the Costs of Onboarding and Ongoing Training
  • Gain Real-Time Insight into your Operations at the Process Level
  • Ensure Production Process Control and Quality Across Your Organization Safety, Compliance, and Regulatory Standards
  • Build Industry Standards, and Regulatory Compliance into your Operations

Argonaut’s Digital Work Instruction application allows you to solve challenging production problems such as effectively handling operation complexity, incorporating quality assurance into your processes, onboarding and ongoing training, and dependency on old production information to guide process improvement and production decisions.

  • Manage Complex Operations
  • Build Error Proofing and Quality Assurance into Every Operation
  • Speed Up Onboarding and Continuous Training Cycles
  • Provide Real-Time Insight and Reporting

The Argonaut MES platform and Digital Work Instruction application replaces age-old manufacturing paradigms; never-ending paper trails, inflexible systems, local “practices” over global standard processes with a digital, globally aligned, agile platform that provides instant insight into your operations.

Enable Highly Complex Operations Capacity at Scale

With a spectrum of complexity spanning simple homogeneous production operations to operation stations that can handle hundreds of variant options, the Argonaut MES platform is designed to gracefully manage complexity and variation in production operations.

As more organizations look into the future and past yesterday’s practices of managing complex part builds with inflexible systems, these organizations are embracing platforms that offer a fully-digital experience designed to manage complexity and easy-to-administer configurations.

The Argonaut MES platform “hides” a lot of the complexity of highly variant operations though our platform’s integration capabilities. Many of Argonaut’s current customer base leverages the full power of the platform through automated integrations to their respective ERP or production scheduling systems.

Drive Productivity with Digital Work Instruction’s Feature-Rich Interface

Argonaut’s Digital Work Instruction interface is designed to present an operator with an interface that provides ALL of the information and instruction that they will need to perform all processes that they are responsible and do so with a high level of confidently and quality. Work Instruction configuration allows each operation can be configured to present an operator with a single screen or walk the operator through a series of steps.

The Work Instructions can optionally be configured to solicit a manual response from the operator and prompt for an approval, procedure values to be entered, or for part scan. Behind the scenes, the Work Instruction’s smart logic can pull in information and instructions from many data sources in real-time including PLC and control systems, image libraries, IIOT web APIs, Torque Tool interfaces and a variety of industry sensors.

Decrease the Costs of Onboarding and Ongoing Training

One consistent challenge across most industries, and especially difficult in manufacturing, is onboarding and training new team members workforce. This challenge is compounded by complexity in your operations and the speed at which your operations evolve.

Argonaut’s Digital Work Instruction application largely solves this problem with a real-time, step-by-step, interactive interface that guides operators through the correct series of process steps for every cycle. Your operators don’t have to depend on learning an operation by memory or take weeks to learn how to operate a single process; they simply have to understand how to interact with Argonaut’s Digital Work Instruction application.

Gain Real-Time Insight into your Operations at the Process Level

The Argonaut Digital Work Instruction application works hand-in-hand with Argonaut’s other applications including Track & Trace. The traceability solution guides operators through a production process but also collects information about every operation including automated machine metrics and manual operator interactions. Each part produced creates a permanent production record to be used in valuable data streams later.

Operation data is available for reference as soon as it is produced and the Digital Work Instruction application uses this upstream data to drive the Work Instruction page as it is presented to an operator, enabling the operator to make fully informed decisions within their scope of responsibility.

Digital Work Instructions - RedViking - Digital_Work_Instructions_Image_2

Argonaut Digital Work Instructions – manual inspection including Pass/Fail traceability.

Ensure Production Process Control and Quality across Your Organization

Your business has flourished, orders and order complexity have increased but process controls and quality are difficult to scale along with demand. This is exactly the type of problem that Argonaut’s Digital Work Instructions were engineered to solve!

Argonaut’s Digital Work Instruction solution centralizes management of process controls and builds quality assurance into every operation. With a full and immediate view of completed processes, every subsequent operation can act as a quality control gate and prevent quality issues from being discovered late in production. The cost of quality is significantly cheaper, both in terms of waste and customer goodwill, when it is contained at the point of fault. Argonaut’s Digital Work Instructions will enable your organization to both scale your business and your quality control simultaneously.

Digital Work Instructions - RedViking - Chandler_20190716_0415_copy

Build Industry Standards, and Regulatory Compliance into your Operations

Standardization and Auditability are not only tools that your organization can use to reduce costs, increase safety, and meet government requirements for doing business, they are also tools that your organization can use to gain competitive supremacy, especially as your organization targets more mature customer prospects or answers RFP in the public sector. Argonaut’s Digital Work Instructions are designed to support industry standards such as ISO 9001.

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