RedViking's Argonaut® moves you closer to Industry 4.0

Through decades of experience in MES, RedViking developed the Argonaut® manufacturing performance platform. Argonaut® extends the functionality of traditional MES systems. It works through a variety of flexible, configurable manufacturing apps. The platform can work within a single facility or across multiple locations - all securely managed in a central location.

Argonaut® is a sophisticated solution for connecting, monitoring, and optimizing manufacturing data and information. 

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Manufacturing Apps

The Argonaut® platform can deploy various applications based on your needs. Argonaut® apps are built to be implemented individually or in combination. Each app is configurable and modifiable to capture your critical items.

Our flagship apps include:

  • Track and Trace for part, product, and process traceability
  • OEE/Factory Information System for process management and reporting
  • Pack Out to identify, verify and track completed groups of components
  • Error/Mistake Proofing as a quality check for gated operations

Enterprise-wide Scalability

The Argonaut® platform is designed to address a diverse set of manufacturing processes with a consistent approach. The core platform and apps have a standardized management structure, which makes Argonaut® reliable and repeatable from line to line and plant to plant. Argonaut® can aggregate data across your enterprise, providing you access to critical data to drive process and product quality and improvement over time. 

Remote Access to Data

Whether you store data on-site or in the cloud, Argonaut® can provide remote access to your data and reports. Remote monitoring allows you to monitor components, products, and assembly without setting foot on the factory floor. This provides valuable insight which supports and speeds up business decisions. 

Configurable for the future

Argonaut® is the platform for the future. It is designed to grow with your company. Argonaut® apps are easily configurable to a variety of operations. This means that can update or deploy your app to a new location without custom scripting. Once our Argonaut® platform is in place, additional user groups can be given access to the data in the future without adding hardware or an additional network.

Tangible Return on Investment

Argonaut® brings key manufacturing metrics to your fingertips. At RedViking, we believe that investing in data systems is worthwhile when it provides real-time information on product and/or component quality, assembly process, or factory activity. These manufacturing analytics can inform better investment and business decisions. Our customers with access to these key metrics see direct improvements to profitability.

Interconnected Factory

The RedViking operational intelligence team has the experience to integrate Argonaut® into your existing assembly process and facility. 

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The RedViking Advantage

Software Solutions for Digital Manufacturing from RedViking - image-listEnterprise-Wide Scalability
Software Solutions for Digital Manufacturing from RedViking - image-listRemote Access
Software Solutions for Digital Manufacturing from RedViking - image-listConfigurable for Future Needs
Software Solutions for Digital Manufacturing from RedViking - image-listTangible ROI
Software Solutions for Digital Manufacturing from RedViking - image-listInterconnected

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