Seamless Integration and Support with
New or Legacy Systems

While we design and build complete turn-key MROs, assembly lines and test centers, we’re also experts at designing systems that integrate seamlessly into those our
customers already have in place.

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Collaboration to Evaluate your Current Process

RedViking can help you evaluate and analyze your current production challenges. Our team, in collaboration with your team, takes the time to study the logistics and flow of your current process to understand the constraints and requirements of your product and facility. We will investigate and characterize production variables such as throughput, maximum uptime, reliability, and operator safety.  By obtaining these data points, we can design a system or machine that prioritizes your production goals. 

Single Point of Contact: Your Program Manager

At each step of the way, your RedViking Program Manager will work to make sure that you’re happy with the process. Frequent project updates are comprehensive and straightforward because your Program Manager will be your single point of contact. While we always design a structured review and update schedule, we’ll also be available for your questions when you need them answered.

Experienced Multi-disciplinary Team

RedViking has been designing and implementing manufacturing technology solutions for small, medium, and large scale operations for over 30 years.  We have designed and installed production systems, factory-wide control systems, manufacturing execution systems, and dynamic powertrain test systems for a variety of automotive, aerospace, off-highway, military, and MRO customers throughout the world.  These systems have ranged from high volume to low volume prototype and pilot build lines.  Our diversity of customers has allowed us to develop a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, controls, and software engineers as well as a world-class build shop. 


By thoroughly analyzing your process, product, and facility, RedViking can tailor the solution specifically to your needs.  We can design and deliver a customized solution that meets your core goals, without any guesswork. This leads to cost savings and efficiency in implementing your new system. 

Implementation Team

RedViking has the practical experience to understand the impact of our production process proposals because we have over thirty years of experience with manufacturing and industrial systems.  We do not recommend a process without fully understanding its implementation. Regardless of the stage of your project, a veteran RedViking Project Manager is your single point of contact.  This will easily take your project from study to implementation. 

Custom Machines Designed and Built in the U.S.

Once we’ve determined the station structures, tools and intelligence required to achieve your production targets, we’ll identify all off-the-shelf and custom software, tools and machines that you’ll need. Custom machines are designed and built by our expert design, engineering, and build teams located in Michigan and North Carolina.

Global Support Available

If you’d like ongoing maintenance and support for our turnkey assembly lines or MRO, we’re your best choice. In addition to North, Central and South America, we currently provide U.S.- based support for customers in China, Western Europe and the Middle East. Whether you choose a full support contract or an occasional retrofit, we’ll be there when you need us.

We’re in it for the Long Term

We’ll close the project when your objectives are met, and then we’ll be around for the long term. Our customers become repeat customers because we never drop anything off at the door and leave. We’re proud of our long term customer relationships, and we’re careful to maintain the trust and confidence that they place in us.

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The RedViking Advantage

Effortless Integration & Expert Support: Assembly Solutions - image-listExperienced multidisciplinary team
Effortless Integration & Expert Support: Assembly Solutions - image-listCollaboration to evaluate your current process
Effortless Integration & Expert Support: Assembly Solutions - image-listCost-Effective
Effortless Integration & Expert Support: Assembly Solutions - image-listImplementation team

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