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Battery-free AGV Assembly Lines

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Key Points
  • Advance prove-out for low risk installation
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Sustainable conveyance that optimizes capacity utilization
  • No batteries to recharge, manage or dispose
  • Flat floor with safe, ergonomic worker environment
  • Virtually unlimited payloads
  • Multiple modes of operation with minimal oversight
  • Turn-key project management & implementation

We don’t believe you should pay for any more assembly line than you need. Wingspan™ Battery-free AGV assembly lines are the scalable alternative to traditional chain conveyance or battery-powered AGVs. Instead of installing more infrastructure than you need now, we’ll provide the assembly line that fits today and is easy to change in the future.

Wingspan™ AGVs are intelligent, automated conveyance with full positional awareness, without the expense or environmental concerns of batteries or chain-based conveyance. They’re a perfect fit for in factories and MROs. Take a look at our gallery of recent battery-free AGV installations.

Low Risk Installation

With the only battery-free AGV test track of its kind in the U.S., we’ll prove out all of the AGVs, software and controls before they ship. Installation at your location is simple. See how quickly a Wingspan™ Battery-free AGV assembly line is installed in this video.

Scalable and Flexible

Because the physical installation is so minimal, it’s simple to respond to changes in product, process or path. Our customers add capacity or change line paths over the weekend without tearing off miles of metal track. And unlike magnetic tape for battery-powered AGV’s, inductive power transfer (IPT®) continuously provides power, data and location information. As with your initial install, we’ll prove it out on our floor, not yours.

Sustainable Conveyance with Better Capacity Utilization

We get a lot of inquiries from managers looking for a sustainable conveyance alternative. Chain based conveyors create waste and require toxic chemicals for their upkeep. Batteries are highly damaging to the environment, in creation and disposal. Ordinary AGVs also consume extra floor space for charging stations, batteries and extra AGVs. With Wingspan™, you’ll buy only the AGVs you need, optimizing your capacity utilization and protecting the environment. Here’s more about our commitment to sustainability.

Safe, Clean and Ergonomic Working Conditions

Pits and trenches can accumulate debris, dirt and grime leading to downtime. RedViking Wingspan™ AGVs operate on a smooth, flat surface with no openings in the floor. Wingspan™ offers 360° product access so that your operators can place parts without straining. The intelligent AGV knows when to lift the product and when to lower it, depending where it is on the line. The flat floor reduces potential trip or collision hazards for workers and low noise levels enable better worker communication.

Virtually Unlimited Payloads in many Operating Modes

Wingspan’s carrying capacity exceeds payloads of 200,000 lbs. and functions in a number of different modes as an indexing (asynchronous or synchronous) or continuously moving line. The result is a heavy payload line with alternating speeds, stopping locations and indexing times based on the AGV’s location. You won’t need to assign an AGV/Battery Supervisor to maintain continuous operation.

Turn-Key Project Management

Your RedViking Program Manager will be your single point of contact for your initial project as well as future changes to path, process or product.

Unattached to the facility and unencumbered by pits and chains, Wingspan™ battery-free AGVs create a portable, virtually invisible assembly line conveyance.

Want to learn more? Use our contact form or email us at Our phone number is +1.734.454.0500.