Hypoid Gear Test Rig

One of the world’s largest automakers needed a powertrain component dyno with a wide and demanding performance envelope, full-line fixturing flexibility, robust design, and a powerful, user-friendly interface. RedViking designed, built, and integrated a high-performance Hypoid Gear Test Rig with our proprietary integrated test executive and controls platform.

Key Benefits:

  • Two (2) Dyno motors in an L-Shaped Configuration, 717 HP each
  • Multiple gear sets with any number of custom test profiles on a single stand
  • Capable of testing the hypoid gear sets in 4×4, 4×2, and AWD vehicle differentials
  • Custom fixturing to accommodate the complete product line
  • Four (4) configurable degrees of freedom
  • RedViking integrated test executive and controls platform
  • Start to finish project management with ongoing support as required

Key Life and Gear Fatigue Testing

This automotive manufacturer needed a test rig with the fixturing required to locate and maintain the precise relationship between the ring gear and pinion during Key Life Testing and Gear Fatigue Testing. Multiple shaft angles, a 2-speed gearbox with an automatic shift mechanism, a self-contained lubrication system and fixturing for the entire product line was required. Also, the customer was looking for a modular, user-friendly operator interface for customized test profile creation, high-speed data acquisition, and advanced data analysis such as FFTs, order tracking, and test article damage detection.

Modular Integrated Powertrain Testing Platform

The automaker selected RedViking because of our extensive manufacturing industry expertise in designing and building drivetrain test systems, tooling, fixturing, software, and controls – all with end-to-end project management. RedViking’s test executive provides a distinct advantage with its modular, integrated platform designed for the user experience. Together with its controls infrastructure, this powertrain testing platform provides highly advanced data analysis and logging capability with a user-friendly interface.

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