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RedViking customers include the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. 

We’ve been solving critical production challenges for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers for over 30 years. We design and build automated guided vehicles, flexible turnkey assembly lines, end-of-line test solutions, and operational intelligence systems. If it involves producing high-quality cars or testing them, RedViking can do it. 

How RedViking Can Help

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Our Automotive Manufacturing Solutions Include:

Automotive - RedViking - image-listAutomated Guided Vehicles

RedViking AGVs are the intelligent automated guided vehicles that avoid the expense of chain-based conveyance. Whether you are retrofitting an old plant with low volumes or building a brand new facility with high volumes, high duty cycles, and heavy payloads, we have you covered. 

Automotive - RedViking - image-listFlexible Turnkey Assembly Lines

We’ll typically complete an engineering study of your current process and your goals for a new assembly line. If you’re starting with a Greenfield or brownfield site, we’ll design the processes, automation, specialty machines, and IT systems. 

Automotive - RedViking - image-listEOL Automotive Test Solutions

RedViking designs and builds Dynamic Power & Drivetrain test equipment for some of the largest OEMs in the world. We have extensive experience providing R&D and End-of-Line test stands for a variety of consumer, commercial, off-road, and recreational vehicle manufacturers.

Automotive - RedViking - image-listOperational Intelligence

RedViking can deliver a wide array of solutions to increase manufacturing operational efficiency and heighten levels of productivity. We integrate technology, process’ and people to build smart, connected factories and drive change instead of reacting to it. 

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