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Wingspan™ Battery-free AGVs Featured at Automation Summit

Rod Emery, VP Assembly Systems, RedVikingTripling Vehicle Production With Limited Resources

At the Siemens Automation Conference June 23-26,  Rod Emery will present a case study of how a vehicle manufacturer has tripled production without any increase in staff or factory floor space. Using Wingspan™ Battery-free AGV technology, a new type of assembly line has been created. With almost none of the automation or conveyance attached to the building, the line is highly scalable and portable. Battery-free AGVs use inductive power transfer for data communication and power. Tools and automation can be attached to the AGVs and powered through them. From a master PLC, automated work instructions, quality measurements and positional information can be communicated wirelessly to the vehicles and the operators.

Lifetime Cost of Ownership for Capital Investment

Rod will overview the technology as well as the customer's decision process. Other types of conveyance were considered, and a lifetime cost of ownership was created for comparison purposes. In the end, this highly scalable technology has allowed the customer to quickly move from initial production targets, to double, then triple that quantity with little incremental investment. Future plans call for capacity 4 times initial throughput, with very little additional investment of time or resources. To learn more about the Siemens Automation Summit, click here.

Wingspan™ Battery-free AGVs

Wingspan™ Battery-free AGV technology is the assembly line conveyance that frees manufacturers from chains and batteries. Battery-free AGVs are the sustainable, safe, efficient and lifetime low cost alternative for production conveyance. To learn more about Wingspan™, click here.  

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