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Tools for your Factory during Covid-19 and Beyond

We’ve all adapted quickly to living in a more remote world due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Large production companies are using travel and tradeshow budgets to handle the new need for remote and IT based capabilities. Budgets have switched to optimizing VPNs and quickly embracing cloud based factory management platforms.

We have been in close contact with our customers and we are looking for ways to support them.

RedViking developed the Argonaut® manufacturing performance platform. Argonaut® extends the functionality of traditional MES systems. It works through a variety of flexible, configurable manufacturing apps. The platform can work within a single facility or across multiple locations - all securely managed in a central location.

Here are the following ways your business can leverage RedViking’s Argonaut technology during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Working remotely
  • Remote Information Management
  • Reduced and or New work force
  • Personal Device Access
  • Elimination of Common Terminals

Argonaut is a fully configurable, end-to-end solution that includes cloud or on-premise servers, a software platform, edge-of-network IIoT devices, manufacturing apps, and third-party software hosting without a PC. Applications include:

  • OEE/factory information system
  • Track and Trace for positional awareness of product
  • Pack Out to identify, verify and track completed groups of components
  • Error/Mistake Proofing data
  • IIoT gateway to securely broadcast PLC data to subscribers
  • HMI Bridge for third-party manufacturing app deployment
  • Part Kitting and Sequencing to simplify production
  • Automated Work Instructions
  • Media Casting to deliver websites, videos and images to remote locations

Argonaut® is designed to grow with your company. Argonaut apps are easily configurable to a variety of operations. This means that can update or deploy your app to a new location without custom scripting. Once our Argonaut® platform is in place, additional user groups can be given access to the data in the future without adding hardware or an additional network.  Let us help assess where you are today and help connect you prepare for the future. Connect with our team today at

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